Your Betrayal

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Submitted: June 28, 2008

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Submitted: June 28, 2008



I lie on my bed and cry

And wonder why you always do what you do

I'm sick of all your bullshit and lies

Why do you always make my life ruined

I trusted you, you had my respect

But you blew it all away

And what came next?

You went behind my back

And turned them all against me

Now my only friend is the razoe

That makes me bleed

Now is the only thing that makes me feel so free

It was my last resort

It was my relief

It was in my control

But went against your perfect beliefs

I've thrown that bad habit out the window

And now have nothing...

No comfort, no happiness, this you should know

Since you laugh at my misfortune

That you seem to cause as you go

This terrible pain seems to never go away

You know who you are

Now look what you did

And look what you gained

You gained my hate

Changed my fate

Wrote rules on your unfair slate

Created an inisble gate

Between me and everyone in this state

I've nowhere to run

Nowhere to go

Leaving me totally helpless

I'm all alone

All because of you

You've ruined my life

But now I'm through!

As soon as I use this knife

It will all be over soon

As soon as I use this knife

I'll finally be away from you...

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