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this is about an amazing creature that most people have no clue what it is or ever heard of it and i think its time they came out.

Submitted: December 08, 2009

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Submitted: December 08, 2009



~~~~~~~For those of you who don't know, a huldre is a creature that is the sister of a siren. "one of a race of sirens, living in the woods, seductive but dangerous."

I walk fearless, cloaked in black, seemingly lost, and confused.
My mind is clouded with dark thoughts ‘am I truly damned?’

I look to the moon for an answer
The sweet majestic moon that illuminates my soul

I want to end this;
I cannot endure this unbridled pain.

I commit countless murders each day to sustain my existence
I am the hunter, who preys on mortals to survive

Forgive me Nyx; this is not how you want me
I have sinned for so long.

The blood that gives me pleasure
Burdens my mortal coil

I feel pain like no other because I am a huldre
How can one ends ones life when immortal?

The fire that once gave me passion has long extinguished
My family ashes, in their decaying graves

My beloved one, I cannot join you, I am condemned.
Immortality fuels my determination to die

I preach to my maker that dismisses my foolish pleas
‘End my suffering you satanic demon, for only the damned can kill the damned’

Huldres are the archetype of evil, doomed to eternal torment,
Despite the ability to live forever the huldre is accursed creature

The moon goddess may be my only salvation for eternal rest.
The astounding moon must take my life, it’s truly accursed and destroy it beyond repair

The moon may be my executioner,
She passes final judgment

Oh great Nyx, shall you shine upon my wretched soul?
So that I am able to end my suffering free of sin

Cleansed of guilt and pain
I’m sorry, but I’m dieing.

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