Words and more words

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I was angry...yupp. xD

Submitted: May 11, 2011

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Submitted: May 11, 2011



They Bang against the painted walls. Leak into your ears while you sleep  and attack your dreams. Fall onto the ground from rain clouds and echo the empty streets. Unimportant thoughts. They hang on the air waiting for someone to come by and pick them. Scratch your bones and the inside of your skull just begging to be set free. Words float on air and enter another one's mind making them wonder or realize. You know they are lies, don't be surprised. You kissed my lips, it was the craziest thing. Darling go back to where you belong. I love hating you. My words they come out terrible, this is difficult. This is typical. Your words they stay the same, same excuses, same lies, same distractions. It's all the f*cking same. All of it. The f*ck with it! I  Refuse to be your secret, your puppet, your f*cking toy! I REFUSE! These are my words, my words that I left with no second thought.

That I have shoved so deep inside my mind I totally forgot about them, but they slowly appeared into my eyes blinded me, protecting me from your deceptions.  By not being with you, it's actually doing me a favor, your words float from far away, into my mind, so much realization clings onto them, Thank you! Words stab me in the heart making it bleed and drip onto my meaningless soul. Make me shake. My tears don't fall, they crash onto the ground. There is always something going wrong, always a wrong step I take in the wrong direction, there is always someone F*cking hanging on! Words slip into my memory. I swear, one day I'll lose it. I'm letting you get away with it. And you have no F*cking Idea how f*cking badly I feel like yelling right in front of your face.  These words they taunt me, they beg be, they hurt me. THEY WANT TO BE SET FREE! They want to be heard! Would you hear me If I called your name? Would you bother to come by to see if I was okay? Of course not! You never cared, you were never there to begin with. Help me make things better! 

Words come at me and crash around me. Taking my every breath and suffocating me with its obscurity. I'll burn your words, because lies mean nothing to me. I'm sick of your lies. You don't care for me, you don't love me and you haven't realized this yourself, but it's true I have noticed. You have no idea how bad your killing me! Our moments died. Sadly to say you never loved me either. It was THEY who protected me, who kept me alive, and I feel so f*cking stupid for not seeing it sooner. No, no I did see it, I just didn't want to believe it. Words beg to come back home. They rise from your soul and out of your mouth. They come crashing down from heaven, making everyone frightened. With my last breath I will say only one thing. Goodbye. Beautiful words that seem to crush one spirit.

Just one voice has to ruin something! One f*cking word makes everything feel different. Uncomfortable. Can't you hear? Can't you hear the voices? Their words? But words mean nothing, absolutely nothing. For if they did, truth wouldn't exsist. Words are nothing, nothing, NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!

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