The Camp Trip Horror

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A Short Story Of A Camp Trip That Supisiously Goes Wrong And One Person Seems To Be Tied In With All The Murders.

Submitted: November 05, 2007

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Submitted: November 05, 2007



It was a dark, cold night and five friends: Sarah, John, Jess, Laura and Richard were camping out. They were nearby Sarah’s House but deep into a luscious green forest with a lovely little river running through it and they were certainly hidden from other people.
Firstly they all sat down to have some cake that John had made himself. Then Laura suggested they should tell ghost stories. She had made one up that that she thought would surely scare everyone in the tent.
She grasped hold of the torch and put it to her face. “It all starts in the forest when there were a few friends camping.” She whispered. “There was one ‘friend’ there that wasn’t actually a true friend but the other campers were oblivious of this.” She said while gradually getting louder and louder. “She kept a knife in her pocket, a knife to kill people, and the people she intended to kill were the others in the tent…”
“Stop!” Jess shouted with fear.
“What’s the matter Jess a bit too scary for you?” Laura Teased.
Jess went out to go to the toilet and Laura went to, to keep her company. Jess came running back a few minutes later, she was shouting “Laura is gone, I’ve lost her!”
Everyone in the tent was terrified. What could have happened to Laura? John decided they should split up into two groups so Sarah and John went together while Richard and Jess went together. They searched for a couple of hours then Jess alone found John and Sarah to tell them Richard got a phone call and had to go home , well that’s what she wanted them to think.
Jess said it was probably best they went back to the tent because there was no hope they would be able to find Laura at the time of night it was. They all agreed and went back to the tent, no one could sleep all night, everyone was too scared in case something else happened.
When it came morning Sarah’s sister, Rebecca came to the tent to see if anyone wanted breakfast, Sarah got up to go in the house but John wasn’t hungry so he decided to stay in the tent and Jess decided to stay with him. A few minutes later Jess went in the house for breakfast, she said John didn’t mind being alone for a while.
After breakfast Jess and Sarah went back to the tent to tidy up. They got back and John was gone, Sarah found it incredibly suspicious and she was very scared. She told Jess it was best she just went home, she felt safer alone. 
Once Jess had went home, Sarah tidied the tent and while she was doing this she found a knife on the floor of the tent, a knife covered in blood! The killer had been in the tent. Sarah thought about what had happened and realised that every time someone had went missing Jess had been there with them but she was always untouched. The killer must have been Jess!
Sarah phoned Jess immediately to tell her she thought she knew who the killer was. Jess seemed worried but told Sarah to go to her house, so Sarah told her she would be over in about half an hour then she hung up.
 Sarah decided she had to stop Jess before the killing went on so she snuck into her dad’s room and found his gun as he was a police officer. She placed the gun in her bag and walked over to Jess’s house.
When Sarah got to Jess’s house, Jess invited her to go in her room so Sarah did. Jess went to her kitchen and then Sarah heard a sound almost like an un tuned guitar, it was a knife being sharpened! She could then hear Jess walk slowly and heavily up the stairs, and when she heard Jess open the bedroom door she turned round and said “you’re too late, you won’t get me!”
Bang! She pulled the trigger, Jess fell to the ground in seconds and Sarah knelt down beside her and watched her die slowly and painfully, then whispered in her ear, “did you really think you would get me, like you got them?”

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