The "Man"

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More venting i guess

Submitted: April 27, 2011

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Submitted: April 27, 2011



Fellow Bisexuals, Lesbians.

Don't you hate this question?;

"So, who is the man?"

I know i do.

But I have came to conclusion

That I,

Am the man.

It has been made obvious

That this is how she wants it.

But of course,

I don't mind.

It does make perfect sence.

To me atleast.

But, if i explain it to my friends,

Words that say,

"Have you gone even more nuts?"

Will hit me in the face.

I guess in this case,

Being "The man"

Is not exactly the right way to put it.

Maybe, man up?


Be the leader?

No problem.

Make the first move?

Works for me.

So for all you stereotypical people,

Gender shouldn't matter.

I guess all that does is your character.

Your personality.

How YOU want to be recognized in life.

I know i'm not the girliest person alive.

I actually know guys more girlier.

But i'm perfectly fine with being recognized as "The man"

Because being you, is the best you can be.

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