Moonlit Massacre (Part One)

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Contains very gory scenes.

Anyways, a short story with my main RolePlay character Shadow Claw Wolf. I made it for a little writing contest me and my cousins had. I only have two parts for it right now, but I will work on it soon, as well as some of my other writing. Hope you like it! (And btw... I'm only 13 so I might have a lot of mistakes in it) Thank you for reading~

~Lone Wolf

Submitted: July 31, 2012

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Submitted: July 31, 2012



-Shadow Claw wandered around a forest, it's shadows growing deeper and longer as the light fades away. Her pets White Fang, a small, light gray with ice blue eyes, Wolf pup and Flame, bigger than White Fang, Wolf-Fox hybrid who's pelt it reddish brown with amber eyes, right beside her. Shadow's eyes glowed in the deepening darkness, as well as White Fang's and Flame's eyes. White Fang starts to growl, sensing incoming danger. Shadow paused, her pet's doing the same. She sniffed the air, and her ears turned, searching for any noises beside the forest's life. The forest became quiet quickly, just now sensing the danger. Shadow faintly heard the familiar sound of Humans. She hated Humans, though she could turn into one, being a Shape-shifter. All of her animal instincts told her run away from the noise, to hide like the other animals. She ignored her instincts, grabbing her favorite dagger from her belt, and set off toward the noise, the two pups following her. Shadow looked back at them and motioned them to stay back. Flame whimpered, not wanting her owner to go off alone with some danger in the forest. She got down beside them, hiding in the bushes in case one of the Humans decided to come near, and whispered for them to test out their growing wings and watch her back from the air. Flame and White Fang still didn't like the idea, but obeyed and stretched out their little wings, Flame's bat wings larger and stronger than White Fang's little angel wings. They took off after stretching them out, and remained above Shadow, staying out of sight. Shadow climbed up a tree and decided that that way might be the saftest for now. She jumped through the trees, trying not to shake the branches and leaves too much. Shadow happened among a camp. Humans were crawling all over it, and she tried not to get sick. The scent of smoke and beer hung in the air, Humans beating each other and fussing at each other. She got another, smaller dagger out of her belt, not wanting to lose her favorite, and aimed for what seems the Alpha Human, and threw it. The dagger hit the Male straight in the back of the head, killing him quickly. The Humans around the body noticed and began to stir about the camp, looking everywhere for the Alpha's killer. Normally she wouldn't kill an Alpha, but she was an Assassin, and she hated Humans. She was merely doing her job. Protecting the forest from those creatures with no heart or soul. Everyday they kill her kind, whether her Wolf brethren, or one of her many other forms. A ring of dark purple fire surrounded her, not harming the tree, the smoke creating a shield like substance that makes her barely visible. The smoke lingered around her, and behind it her Human-like figure with Wolf ears and a Wolf tail slowly turned into a Fox like figure. The fire died down, leaving the smoke to linger in the air, odorless and dangerous. The smoke floated down, burning the heartless Humans. Shadow half smiled, half snarled, showing her long, sharp, bloodstained fangs. She silently walked on the branch in her Fox form, watching as the Humans look helplessly around their camp. The blood scent floated up to her. She had tried to not notice the bright red growing around the body and the coppery scent growing. Shadow's eyes started to turn a light crimson, making her eyes seem a little purple at first, but deepening into a dark, then bright crimson. Her fangs started growing longer, her claws sharper. Bloodlust grew, anger grew. Shadow started to stalk the Humans, who were still trying to figure out who killed their Alpha. A small Human pup first saw her, stalking up the trees. Flame whimpered up above and made the fire in the center of the camp grow larger and larger, engulfing anything around it. The fire spread quickly, making the Humans stir more and more. They ran around like the morons they were, not knowing what to do. There was a stream nearby, she heard it running when she was coming near the noise made by Humans. She wondered why they hadn't noticed it nearby. The Human pup called out to it's mother and pointed at Shadow. Shadow showed her growing fangs, eyes a bright, bright blood red. Even a Human pup she couldn't kill, as long as it did nothing to her. Anyone could raise one as their own and teach them not to be heartless. She could, however, kill a mother. Most mothers just abandon their young. Or do something to get them killed, like Shadow's mother did. Of course, if she hadn't had done what she did, Shadow wouldn't be here, or she would, just not be the being she is today.

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