Together, Forever, Into Eternity

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A Poem

Submitted: September 24, 2010

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Submitted: September 24, 2010



The Truth

Together, forever, into eternity.

Right, there’s no such thing.

And now I know.

There is no forever.

I’ve witnessed a down come.

I’ve witnessed things crash.

Spiral down into obscurity.

Into nothing.

And you can fight me on it.

Yell at me and tell me I’m wrong.

But you brought it on.

You showed me how unfair life really is.

Now I know the truth behind the circle.

Now I know life is only there to bring you down.

Kick you down over and over again.

And no matter how many times I get back up, I fall right back on my ass.

I will try though.

I will try to fight back.

And maybe, if I’m lucky, get back on my feet.

If I’m lucky, kick life back.

I can fight for myself.

For my life.

For my love.

For everything.

But with you, throwing me words.

Confusing my feelings.

Breaking my heart.

Do I want to?

Running through my head.

The love we shared, the time.

Your touch.

Your charm.

Everything I’ve ever wanted was in you.

You were meant for me.

But then you had to screw things up.

Screw me up.

How, now, am I supposed to know?
The difference between real and fake?

The difference between life and death?

It’s all the same to me.


I can’t properly comprehend my feelings.

My life is a round of confusion.

A block of depression.

Sorrow is all I know.

And it’s all because of you.

For the actions you took.

For the heartbreak you’ve caused.

For the happiness you stolen.

You had made me a promise.

You’d promised forever.

And I was foolish enough to believe in you.

To believe in your promise.

Because you made me happy.

You made me feel special.

And wanted.

And loved.

But you’ve changed all that.

You’ve proven me wrong.

I can see through your lies now.


I was never special to you.

I was never wanted.

Never loved.

I was an ornament for you, just meant to show off.

So go ahead.

Tell me there is ‘together’.

Tell me there is ‘forever‘.

Tell me there is ‘into eternity’.

But I’ll tell you.

There is ‘together’, but it won’t be ‘forever’, or ‘into eternity’.

It will be momentarily.


I’ve had my share of pain now.

And you won’t be my shoulder to cry on.

You won’t be anything to me anymore.

Nothing but leaf in my past, slowly falling to the ground, a distant memory.

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