When I'm Over You

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Submitted: January 02, 2010

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Submitted: January 02, 2010



You tricked me with all your lies

Words empty as my swollen eyes

I can't believe I cried over you

And thought everything you said was true

Loving you was such a stupid thing to do

You'll want me when I'm over you

I hope these words cut through your heart

And make you think of our beautiful start

You hid behind a pretty mask

Pretending to be everything for which I could ask

You put on a nice disguise

What was underneath gave me quite a surprise

All my friends call you stupid

For letting go of me the way you did

And boy do i agree

When I think of all we could be

But I guess we'll never know

Because to you it was all for show

Was anything real?

Were you trying to see if my heart you could steal?

You're such a fake

Cut me a break

I make such mistakes

By believing in the promises you make

I thought I was special to you

When you looked at me that way you do

I guess I was just something new

And you got over that pretty soon

Liar liar pants on fire

Only with me to fill your desires

I don't think you understand

How I felt when I had your hand

Laced in mine

And everything was more than fine

But you tricked me out boy

Played me like a toy

Don't know why I trusted you

It was quite stupid of me to do

And all the sweet things you said

Run around and around my head

Why did you break my heart?

You knew what you were doing from the start

Maybe I was naive but you were cruel

You made me out to be a fool

Your final words, I admit they stung

But I'm glad this feeling could die young

Now I found you out

And I learned to always have SOME doubt

I haven't wasted any more tears

I'm happy that you're not here

To mess up my life

And stab my back with your sharp knife

Loving you was such a stupid thing to do

You'll want me when I'm OVER YOU

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