Animal Band

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A poem written by me about a band of musically talented animals.

Submitted: May 25, 2010

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Submitted: May 25, 2010





One evening in late December

I was given a night to remember

Even though it’s a distant time, now

I still recall it as if I were there somehow

All I ask is that you bear with me

As I recall this tale from my memory

The sky was blue tinged with pink

Not giving me any reason to think

Something strange was to come

But then I heard the beating of a drum

"What is that sound? Where do it be?"

Were the only words that came to me

So I listened on and on

Waiting for a sign of more to come

After fifteen minutes of obsession

Came an eclectic band procession

Walruses in front, tigers in the back

Elephants to the sides, horses in tack

Monkeys on percussion

Zebras rushing

Peacocks playing trombone

A gorilla playing xylophone

Lovebirds on the flute

Owls sticking to their hoot

I blinked my eyes

Twice with surprise

What was going on?

Had my mind gone?

But wait! There’s more!

Their lion drum major marching to my door!

I peered out my window

And the band began to follow

All the animals were smiles

As they played a song I didn’t recognize

The band came to a halt

Then began to play a waltz

Against my will, I began to dance

Making sure not to step on the ants

I twirled

I whirled

I danced like a fool

I danced with cockatoos

Then I began to get this feeling inside

I figured I could no longer decide

Against being friends with this crowd

As I looked around, then looked down

"What?!" I yelled with surprise

Was I seeing this with my own eyes?

My feet were different

Replaced with a heron’s!

I also had wings!

And a beak, among other things…

I shouted, "Why have you made me this way?"

"We are recruiters, and you joined us today!"


So now I’m stuck in the Animal Band

Playing the trumpet with wings, not hands

I hope you learned from me

Dancing with animals has a fee

And now if you hear the beating drum

You know the Animal Band is to come

 ~Brittany Morin

Animal Band

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