the day of the dead

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it is about a hunter and his dealings with the undead

Submitted: December 14, 2009

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Submitted: December 14, 2009



The Day of the Dead
The autumn leaves nearly seemed to melt against the bloody horizon. Foolish creatures’ humans were to plant and sow when it was nearly night. On a small field, at nearly dusk, is where are play shall begin.
Farmer Reed: blasted plow! Broke yet again!
Lilith: father do come inside. It’s nearly night.
Farmer Reed: not yet Lilith just a few minutes longer
The crisp September air grew colder as the sun sank lower and lower in the sky. The farmer knew not of the evils that were lurking in the shadows.
Farmer Reed: boy its getting dark fast
Suddenly, a small black cat jumped into his line of sight. It sat on the earth and swished its tail back and forth. The farmer looked at the cat with a questioned expression on his face. The darkness fell over the farmer’s head. All that could be seen of the cat were its luminous green eyes staring at the farmer. A small scream came from his house.
Farmer Reed: (gasps) that was Lilith!
He rushed inside only to find his beloved daughter dead with two teeth marks on her pale neck. He now knew what evils lay before him. He took a stake and put it through Lilith’s heart.
Part I Scene I
Mayor: (pulls out a large pocket watch) now where is he then!? He said he would come by the hour of twelve!
Assistant: Mr. Mayor, are you sure we can trust this man?!
Mayor: of course! Best vampire hunter that ever lived from what I have heard of the matter!
Assistant: (crosses arms) so people say but have they seen him kill a vampire before? How would they know?
Mayor: oh I do not know! Do not trouble me with such things! Ah, here he comes
A man riding atop a black horse comes forth. He dismounts.
Mayor: welcome Mr. Hunter nice to see you have finally come. I am the mayor of the town. Could I interest you in a drink while we speak of the matters plaguing my town?
Mystery Hunter: I do not drink
Mayor: oh? Well perhaps we should speak in my office then. May I ask your name good sir?
Mystery Hunter: my name is Vladimir
Mayor: a fine name but may I ask, is it not the name for a vampire?
Vladimir: I am half of what you say plagues you town
Assistant: what!? A half-vampire!
Mayor: (shocked) your half of a monster? You did not write this in your letter to us
Vladimir: the thought never crossed my mind
Mayor: why did you not tell me?
Vladimir: it was none of your concern
The mayor brought the hunter to his office. A man jumped in front of the mayor.
Farmer Reed: oh mayor! Did you find the terrible creature responsible for the death of my daughter?
Mayor: not yet Reed but I found a man who can (points to Vladimir)
Farmer Reed: oh thank you sir! I am truly grateful to you! Please tell me what you believe could have done it when you know
Vladimir: (silently nods)
Farmer Reed: (swiftly leaves)
Mayor: alright. Shall I tell you the strange happenings of the town that has been brought forth?

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