"Endless Dream"

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Well..this is A short little poem or story Watever I wrote Awhile back. This is Exactly What had Happen..

Submitted: January 26, 2011

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Submitted: January 26, 2011



Another EndLess Dream that Seemed So Real But then To good to Be true. As you Looked into My eyes So Determined On what You want, You lean In and slowly Press Your Lips On my lifeless Cheak... I awake with A Startle..You are not there.

Chills run down My spine and Go thru My arms and Legs. "It was Just A dream" My mind says.."It was as Real as it Felt", My heart Speaks. Then I splash back into My bed Surrounded By darkness. I turn to my side and and thoughts Rush Into my Head. Thoughts that Could never Be.. My eyes Begin To blur, and As I close My eyes Tears run Down My face.

I get out Of bed and Head to the Bathroom. I turn on the lights And run the Hot water In the sink. I look in the Mirrow with Bloodshot Eyes and Running Mascara. I slash My face with The Burning Water, For it does not Bother me..Anymore.

I Tried going back To bed but The thunder Outside Made it Difficult. I wrap myself In 2 Big warm Blankets But my Painful shivers Would not leave me. So I shut My eyes and Pray To god That This Nightmare will Be over Soon..

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