Forever in the rain

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A poem that just came to me so im just saying in advance this is not how i feel personally.Its a bit sad and depressing. Hope you enjoy reading it.As always comments and critisism is welcomed and greatlty appreciated

Submitted: July 08, 2008

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Submitted: July 08, 2008



The dark clouds are spreading across the sky

For the sun has left my sight again

The tears of blood that fall from my eyes

From the misery of my soul

Posessing the cruel memories that remain untold

The silent thunder agonizes my spirit

I didnt know silence could be so loud

Bringing my fragile heart so much pain

While I look up at the bloodstained sky

Pleading and praying that it will soon end

Asking God Why does it always have to rain

Trying so hard to restrain your emotions

Because it will only hurt more in the end

If no one will ever hear your cries for help

What would even be the point

Of wasting your solemn tears

All you hear is rain banging on the window

But I rather it rained

Than to hear the piercing silence

That will hurt so much more

Now you can feel nothing

Which is much better than the pain

Because you finally realize

That life is full of deceptive lies

So cruel they choose to ignore your cries

And when you are deep in despair

Even far deeper than the depths of hell

You now realize they dont even care

They will only watch you be pulled apart

And laugh cruelly as your heart bleed

Until you are completely destroyed

And become cold, fearless, and heartless

For now you are just like them

And when you dispose

Of your false hopes of peace

That the rain will ever end

And instead of clinging on to life

All you now anticipate is death

Because your heart is forever lost

For you have finally accepted

That you will never see the precious light

With your cold, emotionless eyes

And that you will forever dwell

In the dark places for more worse than hell

For you shall no longer curse the heavens

Cry your tears of pain no more

And embrace your destiny in hell

And you will no longer ask God

When the rain shall end

You have accepted your fate

Forever in the rain


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