The curse of emotion's touch

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A poem I wrote about the emotions of our soul and how it wants to control us

Submitted: June 05, 2008

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Submitted: June 05, 2008



In every person there is a heart

The very part that makes us whole

The piece that upholds the soul

and where a story can be written yet remain untold

Its blessed with the ability to withstand much

And cursed of vulnerability to emotion's touch

If you try to ignore her

She will only hurt you more

Until you can harden your heart to her no more

She will trap your spirit and strangle your soul

Until she can finally take control

Only to hurt you even more

Emotion has two faces with the power to uplift or depress

Like a two way mirror only showing what she wants to be seen

Using her charm for whom she helps

and feels no remorse for who she harms

Creates a warm feeling when in a loved ones arms

And can break your soul with the same hand

Has the power to obtain a crippling hold

and can heal with her golden touch

She can choose to be tenderhearted

Or  she can decide to be cruel

She causes the good and the bad

Controls if you will be joyuos or sad

Emotion can drive you crazy and stress you out

She can caucs confusion and unnecessary doubt

she can burden your mind

And wont allow you to leave things behind

For she will not harm me, her touch I will ignore

I will not give in when she tries to hurt me more

I will harden my heart to her

So she shall not take control

She shall not uplift or supress me

She shall not help or depress me

For her touch shall not reach my heart

For my blessing will be to escape the curse of vulnerbility

Because i shall remain emotionless

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