What is wrong with me

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A poem of how i feel when i m out with my friends and we meet boys but Im always over looked

Submitted: July 05, 2008

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Submitted: July 05, 2008



What is wrong with me

When I go out with my friends

They always catch your eye

And you never see me

And never do those lustful eyes

Glance not once my way my way

And suddenly I become invisible

Like I no longer exist

What does it take

To get you to notice me

What do they have that I don’t

That makes you look their way

What do I have to do

To get your attention my way

Is my clothes not tight enough

Is my figure just not your type

Do I not look good enough

To be considered to be your future girl

I start to doubt my own beauty

And it really hurts inside

All I ask is just once

You would be interested in me

But that hope is always

Turns into doubt when I am ignored

Every time you look the other way

It eats my soul away

Breaking any traces of self esteem

That remains inside

Even though I try to hide it

My constantly selfconscious mind 

Start to wonder

Is my face not pretty enough

Is my booty not big enough

Is my chest not the right size

Is there something about me

That turn you off

Or doesnt catch your eye

Will I ever be good enough

For you to ever look my way

My self esteem goes lower

Every single time

I guess I don’t look good enough

I guess my friends have something I don’t

Something I may never have

Maybe its just not meant to be

I just cant figure out

What is wrong with me

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