The Holocaust

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Carabella sees something outside and calls her friend over to investigate what it is. Unknowingly setting off a test.

Submitted: May 09, 2015

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Submitted: May 09, 2015



My name is Carabella Nicole Hudson, I am 17 years old, I have grey eyes and gold blonde hair and I have two friends who are twin brothers, Jackson and Tyson Grant. I also have another friend but she is so posh, Her name: Monica Prescott. Even her name is posh. I honestly don’t know why I’m friends with her, she gossips, talks about boys all the time, fashion and all that girly stuff, but even threw that were friends. After the radiation war, the country was split into different sectors each with a different Head Elective, once a week they have a meeting to discuss what's happening in each sector and compromise to keep peace with each other. Because of the radiation a lot of crops and vegetation were ruined meaning we had to come up with an alternate food source, so they came up with ‘wafers’. It’s artificial food that looks like a piece of bread but it give us all the nourishment that we need to survive another side effect of the radiation is at night the ground glows slightly. The world is at the brink of extinction and we’re scuttering, desperately trying to salvage what we can. All of this happened because of a war that was over a piece of land, a piece of land that was, ultimately, destroyed during the war.


‘‘Today, the 22nd June 2029, is the 16th year since the war. 16 years ago, in 2013, because of the radiation war, the ozone layer was destroyed, causing the sun's ultraviolet ray to become too strong to handle meaning no one can go outside more than 10 minutes without getting seriously burnt. Because of this it is extremely hot during the day and extremely cold during the night. Another side effect of the war is that roughly 60% of the population on earth was infected with radiation causing them to mutate into things only a nightmare could conjure up. It was a terrible period of time that year, all that you could hear was the tortured screams of the children, the women, the men as they drew their last breath or as they changed into something horrendous, something that even the strongest of men would shudder at but all too soon it became the norm. We suddenly excelled at pretending, at turning a blind eye at those that begged us to help them, to heal them, and those that had already died, the children that with blank eyes that stared into nothingness, all this was from the most unfortunate event to ever to befall the earth.’’ ‘’We listen to this every day, every afternoon and every morning. I don’t see how this is any different.’’ Tyson says, sagging in his seat. ‘’At least you don’t have a mum that’s always talking about ‘Methanogen’.’’ I roll my eyes replying to his statement. “Metha- what?’’ Jackson asks. I sigh. ‘’Methanogen. Its a methane-producing bacterium, it reduces carbon dioxide to methane.’’ ‘what’s--’ ‘Methane is a colourless and odourless gas which is the main constituent of natural gas.’ Tyson looks at me and flashes his signature grin. ‘You’ve been listening to your mum again haven’t you Carabella.’ he says. ‘I can’t help it, it’s always ‘science this and science that’ you can’t help BUT listen to her rambling.' I reply smiling childishly. 'Carabella, are you paying attention!' Mrs Hempinickel yells. 'Of course Miss.' I reply, stifling a laugh. She harrumphs and turns back to the class. I turn and look at Jackson and Tyson before also turning back to class, laughing silently. ‘Show me that you're human you won’t break, oh, love your flaws and live for your mistakes, beauty’s on the surface wearing thin, come closer show the marks upon your skin, show me that you're human.’ I’m laying on a blanket, singing along to my favourite song outside at night all bundled up in winter clothes, when all around me a bright, white, light surrounds me making me blink at the suddenness of it. It lasts for a what feels like hours but then all of a sudden it's just...gone. When my sight finally adjusts to the lack of light again, I sit up and look around me wildly, breathing heavily. Up ahead of me I notice an object surrounded by a soft glow and a cloud of smoke, standing up I walk over to it and touch it lightly, it's round and a silvery colour with rusty colour patches here and there, it quakes under my hand and I run back to my blanket. My mum’s warned me about random objects and meteorites that would become more common due to the loss of the ozone layer meaning earth is like a magnetic pull for space junk and meteorites, causing us to become like a dangerous playing field, in a universe of galaxies and stars, but this isn’t normal. I’ll call Tyson, Jackson and Monica. Quickly pulling out my E-Phone and sitting down, I speed ring Jackson, Tyson and Monica in a three way chat.


‘Hello, Monica speaking,’’

‘S’up Its Jackson here,’

‘Hey, its Carabella, I need you three to come over here as quickly as you can, I mean like ASAP.’ I splutter. ‘What, Why!’ All three of them say in unison. ‘There is something like 10 feet in front of me glowing. I need you guys here.’ ‘Were coming.’ They say, panicking slightly. I sit frozen until I see the first set of headlights sweep over my body. ‘Oh My Gosh, Carabella, are you ok.’ Monica rushes over and hugs me. Mutley I nod my head, hugging her back subconsciously. A minute later the twins car pulls up, parking diagonally to where Monica and I sit. ‘Hey’ ‘Hey’ I look up at Tyson and Jackson, forcing a slight smile of my face even though i know it's more of a grimace. Out of the blue Monica starts screaming hysterically. ‘OMG! OMG! Who is that! Oh My Gosh.’ She shrieks, pointing forward towards the cloud of smoke. All three of us, Tyson, Jackson and I turn to where she is pointing, straining to see what she saw, when a man steps out from the mist. As I stare at the man, a shudder of fear runs through me, making my breath pick up. My shudder gains his attention and as his eyes connect with mine, what I see in his eyes makes me step back in shock, in horror. His eyes aren't normal, no there unhuman, his eyes glow a vivid vermillion colour, his pupils are infinitesimal. But that’s not what scares me the most, no what scares me the most is the look in his eyes. His are shine pure malice, pure hatred but they also show something else...they show excitement. But not a good excitement, this excitement is a dark one, a twisted one, what for I don’t know and I don’t think I want to find out. The look in his eyes could only be described as what a lion would look like just before the kill, the excitement it feel as it hunts down its prey, corners it, playing with its hope, with its desperate attempt to be free. I look away quickly shuddering once again. ‘Hello.’ He sneers, smiling evilly. None of us talk, none of us even move a muscle. ‘Quiet ones you humans are,’ He growls, taking a step forward. ‘SPEAK!’ I step forward, lifting my chin slightly. ‘Who are you?’ I ask, voice quivering with fear. He laughs, maniacally. ‘I am your worst nightmare. You can call me Alocer.’ ‘What!’ We say in unison, fear the first thing on our mind. He laughs again, looking at us and when we go to take a step back, all around us is suddenly on fire. The orange and red flames surround us, blocking us from making a retreat. All you can hear is Monica screaming and crying and the crackling of the grass as it burns to a crisp. Jackson and Tyson huddle together trying to act brave but failing. Tears stream down my face as I look around, wondering if this will be the last minutes I’m on this earth. Although pointless, I still look around, desperate to find an escape all the while thinking about the things I have done and the things that I now regret. Pointless questions run through my head. Will it hurt? What will happen to my mum? How will she take my death? Will at least one of my friends survive? Will I survive? Why is this happening? All of a sudden his voice surrounds us. ‘I’ll give you a riddle, a riddle to complete. If you get it wrong one of you’s have to die, if you get it right you all go home unscathed’ I look at my friends all clinging together, they nod frantically even though they know the consequence of the wrong answer and say… ‘Ok.’

One by one we come to life and side by side we wait, while our company swells in number some come early some come late. Some will bore you, some enthrill, but you can not choose between us, you must take us one and all, because we're bound together tightly and we're naught if we break free; if you want some clues about us simply answer who are we?

I move over to my friends and sit down. After we discuss what it could be we finally come up with a reasonable answer. ‘Is the answer People?’ I ask, hesitantly. He smiles creepily.

‘You are….. WRONG!’

‘What!’ I yell. ‘The answer is Chapters’ He says, smirking. ‘No.’ I whisper, looking at my friends crying. ‘Who will go? Who will Die? Quickly, Quickly.’ He growls. We all look at each other. Without a word Monica gets up and starts walking toward where the man’s voice was. ‘Monica?’ I whisper. She doesn’t answer and she turns around and looks at us tears in her eyes. ‘I’ll go, I’ll die.’ She yells, crying. The man starts laughing and I see him put his arm around her waist, pulling her swiftly into the flames. ‘Monica!’ I scream, hysterically, standing up, searching desperately around for any signs of her. ‘Monica!’ The orange and red flames start to disappear and I look around, but all I can see is the black ground. There is no sign of Monica and there is no sign of the inhuman man. There gone. Gone forever. I’ll never see Monica again, I’ll never hear her bell like laugh again, she’s…..gone. Jackson and Tyson come up to me, hug me and we fall to the floor crying. ‘Monica,’ I whimper, clutching on to jackson and Tyson ‘Please come back.’ Hours later just before dawn. My mum comes home and comes out to the back yard calling my name, when she finds us in the middle of a burnt circle, huddled together, holding the silvery thing. She immediately takes us to the hospital. I sit on the white bed, staring blankly at the wall. ‘Carabella?’ My mum say, tentatively. ‘Yes’ I say, emotionless. ‘That thing you found was very useful. We found out it was a Time Pod. It was very common about 70 years ago. Mr Leo was telling us about it. Inside was scrolls that we can use to grow ‘Malus Domestica(Apple), Cocos Nucifera(Coconut), Daucus Carota(Carrot) and lots of other things without it being affected by the radiation.’ I look at my mum and watch as she turns and leaves the room then I look at the sky smiling slightly. In our society it is difficult to accept death because it is unfamiliar. In spite of the fact that it happens all the time, we hardly ever see it. Watching Monica give herself up was the hardest thing to do but I know that wherever she is she’ll always be in my memory because like they say

‘The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living.’ 

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