The hardships of teenage life

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A poem about the struggles of teenage life, just something I did randomly lol.

Submitted: March 03, 2010

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Submitted: March 03, 2010



She stares accross the mirror,

oh sleek and silver shimmer,

against her body silks and styles of teenage fashion,

and that she's proud  - is of her passion.

"Mother doesn't care," she'll say, for everytime she leaves her astray

like most her age, a curious  soul, gravely  in trouble of loosing control

for every day, there is a night, for every drunk, for every fight

"I don't see the wrong," her friends say but unlike them, who fight for fun, she'll need to heal, she'll have to run

for when the weekend finally ends, she will begin to loose her friends,

mother asks her why they've not called,

she'll say, "they hate me!"

"Well my child, maybe you'll think, next time you decide to turn to the drink. If you cannot drink and cannot behave, forever friendship's burn to the grave!"

Now she begins to realise this, and copes with this by scarring her wrists,

next she'll start to sleep all day, fail her school, wither away.

And deep within her naive mind, forever truth she'll have to find,

to grow up a teen is such a pain,

lessons to learn, emotional hurt to gain.

A constant battle between mum and dad,

a versus match to see who understands.

But mum and dad, who were once teen,

won't have to suffer that which was once mean

for they've been through it all before,

and that means she's going to suffer more.

For them it's passed, gone from them

and they'll never have to suffer being teen again.

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