Darling, Please Don't Cry (I Can't Stand It)

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Submitted: November 28, 2008

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Submitted: November 28, 2008



tears flow
in a perfect pattern,
across my face.
fears grow,
you lean over,
looking at me,
agony painted in a perfect pattern,
all across your face.
your sorrow combines with mine,
as we realize this is the last time.
yes, darling, it truly is.

the blood drains from the surface,
leaving my skin pale,
so, so pale,
it hurts for you to see,
the color running from my cheeks.

if only you were more,
if i was more,
oh, if only we could become more.
this would not have to happen.
we would not have to be torn apart.

this scene is screaming,
screaming for my last breath.
please call for the surgeon,
even though we know,
it is of no use.
should we just let it go?
and be comforted by the notion,
that by your side,
is where i'll stay.

you hold my hand
so hard it hurts,
and beg me to stay,
but, i fear,
with that request;
i cannot comply.
are we getting carried away?
i must go.
i have to leave.
please don't make this tougher,
i love you so,
i must go.

it wont be long
until you're standing here,
holding the hand of a body,
whose soul has fled,
but i'm not afraid,
no, im not.
the soft piano plays perfect melodies in my head,
and it lets me know,
that i'm leaving you here,

i'll miss missing you,
and seeing your face light up,
when i've been found.
oh, this scene is shrieking,
shrieking for a photo-op.

grinding my teeth,
closing my eyes,
to hide the pain,
to hide the tears,
but it's of no use.
you already know.
i couldn't keep it from you.

the colors spin,
the room fades to a muted gray,
the wall becomes a blank canvas,
on which our hope has been stolen.
hearing you,
desperately calling my name,
but the room's turned to black,
taking you with it;
from me.

your voice becomes broken static,
words seperated by your heavy sobs,
please don't cry.
i can't stand it.
i can't stand this.
tell me,
what's real?
is any of this real?

i have all the will in the world,
but none of the strength,
to reach up and dry your eyes,
so why must you keep crying?
i can't take this.
any of it.
i love you too much,
to look at you.
to see you this way.

i can't stand this.
i can't stand myself.
so why are you still here?
holding me,
saying things i cannot understand.
i can hardly speak,
but your voice gets louder,
and louder,
we don't have time for this.
no, we really don't.

i can't keep my eyes shut,
for fear that knowing this is the last time,
the last time i will see your beautiful silhouette.

i can't speak.
you slowly comprehend that,
and become silent.
we don't have time for this.
we're both afraid,
but useless fear comes hand-in-hand with death,
doesn't it?
at least that's what i've come to expect.

so why are we giving in?
bite your tounge,
clench your teeth,
and shut your eyes tight,
along with me.

we know the pain;
it stubbornly refuses to be hidden.
but let's cast it aside,
so we don't lose our pride.
you know we don't have time for that anyway.

panicking at my loss of control,
calmed by your sweet voice enveloping everything.
the room suddenly disappears,
and i faintly hear you echoing my three last words,
the cliche ones we heard countless times before in movies,
but never once thinking we'd reenact those scenes,
the scene that's screaming,
for my last breath.

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