Biological dad 2

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its true but instead of him thinking i care i dont care that much anymore

Submitted: August 01, 2008

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Submitted: August 01, 2008



Biological dad 2

I know i get really upset

But its you whos missing out not me

So why do i get all wound up over you?

Coz your probably not even worth it!

Yes i do wanna see you

But really why should i?

I mean it was you who walked out

Just so you could be with her n her kids!

My dad who i live with i love him to pieces

At least he was there for me

That was meant to be your job!

Your just a get around

And i feel sorry for your other kids

At least i have a dad who love me

And i love him back

At least hes been there the whole 14 years

When you should of!

I talk to a councilour about you

And he raised an intresting point!

He said do i wanna find you to get to know you or to have a go at you?

I mean real dads care for thier kids

But you didnt care for me

So why should i come and find you?

I have a good enough family as it is

I dont need you to

Im only a kid

I have more important things to worry about,

I dont need you topping it all!

So im not going to bother

Coz im moving on

Why should i cry over you?

Coz i bet you dont even give me a second thought!

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