Biological Dad

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this is true and about not knowing my real dad

Submitted: August 01, 2008

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Submitted: August 01, 2008



Biological dad

I wish you would walk through the door

I wish you cared and loved me

I cant bere this anymore

Knowing you probabley dont want to know me!

Mum never like talking about you

I dont even know what she say is the truth

I just wanna know bout you and what you do

I just want prove!

The truth really hurted

But i had a right to know

I felt so desserted

And it hurts but i try not to let it show!

Sometimes i wounder what life would be like if you were here

Whether things would be diffrent or the same

I wanna see you but the thought build up to fear

I even wounder if you know my name!

When people talk bout it it really gets to me

And i start to cry

I just want you to see

How its all leading to a lie!

I hate when people talk about thier dad

And i think how lucky they are

And after a while it drives me mad

But i realised it wasnt me who moved and travelled far!

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