Yup... pretty much the jist of it right now

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yup... i miss him

Submitted: October 13, 2011

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Submitted: October 13, 2011




So right about now it hits me.

I miss your voice in my ear,

The way you whisper sweet little things to me as I fall asleep.

Tonight I'm gonna miss you like crazy.

I'll shut myself in my room,

Crawl up into my bed,

And listen to all those ooey gooey love songs that make me think of you.

And I'll wrap myself in blankets,

And hold onto my pillow.

Because your not here next to me,

To hold me and kiss me and tell me 'I love you'

Baby, tonight I'm missin you.

I miss your name popping up in my phone.

The way you send me those adorable little messages to let me know your thinkin of me.

(god how just thinking of them gives me tingles)

Frankly I'm in love with you and its a bit frightening.

I need you here tonight...



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