Don't Eat The Cookies

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic
A wise person once said 'The fastest way to a man's heart is food' Aria would know. That's how she got Aaron in the first place. But the fastest way out of Aria's heart is through murder. Aaron would know.

Submitted: January 18, 2012

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Submitted: January 18, 2012



Aria Gray pulled out the brownies from the oven. The smell of chocolatey goodness was wafting in the large kitchen. She placed the tray of cookies on the stove top, making sure to check the hot surface light wasn't on. She took off her Betty Crocker apron and pulled out her cell phone from her back pocket.

What's up? Aria texted.

Nothing much, And you?



Come over and see.

On my way (;

Aria's hazel eyes flashed in joy as she rushed into her room to put on something. Though it took her 15 minutes, she decided on an Aeropostale tee and jean shorts. Not very appropriate for February, but it didn't matter to Aria, only Aaron was on her mind.As Aria walked back into the kitchen, she casually put back on her Betty Crocker apron and dusted it with flower, for the added effect.

Aaron knocked on the door in a special way, to let her know it was really him and not a pedophile or something. She glided to the door and opened it, smile wide and authentic.

"Hey Aria." Aaron said, in his Aaron voice. The one Aria used to dream about for years. That Aaron voice.

"Hi." Aria said, leaning in for a kiss. Aaron intercepted his hand, and pushed Aria away.

"Where's the brownies?" Aaron asked impatiently. He already knew what was waiting for him, and he was in a rush to get to it. Aria rolled her eyes. It was typical Aaron; cool as the North Pole, but impatient when it comes to him.

Aaron joggedover to the browniesand scooped up the platter in one of his hands, starting to devour one.

"Woah, woah, woah," Aria said, taking the platter. "These aren't for you."

Yes, they were.

Aaron pouted, making Aria give back the plate. "Thank you." He said, mouth full of chocolate chips. He pecked her on the cheek, leaving cookie residue on her pale face, and walked out.

"But-" Aria started as Aaron slammed the door.

He left again. This time with her favorite plate.
Aria walked into the cafeteria. She spotted Aaron sitting at the jocks/cheerleader table. For months, she wanted to gain the courage to sit at that table, instead of the reject one calling her name.

She ignored the urge, and walked to the reject table instead. She walked by the jock table, hearing a conversation between her sweet, sweet Aaron and some other people that Aria didn't have the strength to care about.

"So, what's with this Aria chick?" A blond haired one asked Aaron.

"What about her?" Aaron said, mouth full of artificially produced hamburger.

"You know." A brunette sitting next to Aaron nudged him in his side.

"No, I don't" Aaron sighed. Aaron could be really oblivious at times.
"Geez man," Blondie said, getting impatient. "What have you done with her?"

"Oh." Aaron said, realization setting in on his face. "Nothing."

Blondie and Brunette had confused looks on their face.

"Bro, you gotta do something with her." Blondie shook his head.

Aaron shrugged. "Every time she calls me up, I want to believe its sex, but she just has cookies or something. Right now, I just wanna get rid of her."

"She's not really that hot." Brunette sighed.

"Whatever, the bottom line is, the bitch has got to go."

Something snapped inside of Aria. Something dark and deep. Her right eye twitched as she got up with what was left of her dignity. She dusted her butt and walked out of the cafeteria. This was it.
She pulled out the last of the cookies that she would ever bake. She put her all in those cookies, as they were the best she could make. They were even made from scratch this time, with a secret ingredient.

About two hours ago, she called Aaron over. She slipped on a plain black formfitting tee, blue skinny jeans and finished the look with black flats. As she brushed the last tangles from her all but perfect hair, the doorbell rang. She skipped over to the door, and pulled the door open, flashing a smile, and leading her boyfriend in.

"So, where is it?" Aaron asked, impatiently, as usual.

"In the kitchen." Aria replied, nonchalantly. Aaron practically skipped into the kitchen, excited to what had waited for him.

There, on the best plate she had left, was the best plate of rainbow sugar cookies ever. It was perfectly frosted in Betty Crocker whipped frosting. The sprinkles were made in a swirl position, and they were placed on a plate like a window display. Aaron thought he was dreaming as he took a bite of the cookie. The flavors blissfully danced around his tougue as he chewed, his mind going into extacy mode. Then the real fun began.

Aaron had started to cough as the taste got more intense. His coughs changed to gags, as he literally vomited a rainbow.

"What the hell?" Aaron coughed.

"I heard what you said." Aria stood at the doorway.

"Aria, what's going on?" Aaron asked in fear.

"Well, there's a special ingredient passed down in my family, that I had obtained. And you're eating that ingredient."

" monster." He sputtered.

"Well, yeah." Aria shrugged.

As Aaron breathed his last breath of air, he whispered one thing. "I love you."

Aria's right eye twitched. She opened one of her kitchen drawers and pulled out a handgun. She pointed it to her head, and pulled the trigger.

And boom goes the gun.

© Copyright 2020 XxKissOfDeathxX. All rights reserved.

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