It's Not What It Seems

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It's definitely not what you thought it was....

Submitted: January 07, 2012

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Submitted: January 07, 2012




A/N: Ok, this is an excerpt from a book I tried to write.


I jogged down the stairs and handed the box to Kendall.

“Open it.” I beamed. He looked at me curiously, but did what I said regardless. He opened the box and smiled at the contents.

“I didn’t know you had something like this Alice.”

“Well, I’m just different.”

“Most girls don’t have these. Especially Natalie.” He snorted.

“Well, I’m not most girls, and I’ll never be Natalie. Be careful with it.”

“Dude, I know what to do. I’ve used it before Alice.”

“Well hook it up so we can start.”

“I must warn you, I’m really good at this.” Kendall smirked.

“Oh really?” I laughed. “Well, let’s see about that. Plug it in and let me teach you.” He plugged it in, turned it on and put in Black Ops.

“Get ready to get destroyed.” Kendall sighed.

An hour later Kendall is screaming cuss words at the screen as I kill him for the seventh time.

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