Letter from my eating disorder

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based on a TRUE STORY. my true story. for anyone out there with eating disorders: it will get better. ~my poem~

Submitted: May 01, 2014

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Submitted: May 01, 2014



Dear sweetie,

Can you let me in?

I'll be your best friend.

I'll show you how the world sees you,

Fat and ugly.

But dont worry,

I can fix that

If you listen to me.

Oh silly girl!

You cant be eating that!

It will make you even more fat!

Push away the plate,

eat no more food.

Stupid child!

Cant you see?!?

Your ruining me!

All our progress,

You had to ruin?!

Now dont eat,

dont sleep

dont even breathe.

Ugly monster!

You are worthless!

Every bite of food you take,

Will show!

People will know how much you ate!

Oh wait!

What are you doing?

Are you ending us?

I dont go down unless you do.

So go ahead,

Kill the both of us.

You wanted to end it.

Thats why you let me in.


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