This Girl

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This poem is BASED ON A TRUE STORY. (sorry about the song lyric refernce) ~my poem~

Submitted: April 30, 2014

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Submitted: April 30, 2014



she walks like summer
and talks like rain
her fragile heart wants something
other than pain
her flawless face
shines so bright
even if she believes
she wont win this fight
her glassy eyes
sing a sad song
she stares in the sky
for so very long
no matter what
her mind is racing
she thinks no one understands
what shes facing
her shaky voice
it talks so slow
scared they'll make her
feel even more low
but she doesnt know
how the skies
shine so bright
to light up her eyes
how much
the earth slows
just see her
beautiful face glow
she talks so down
to herself
picks the blade
up off the shelf
not thinking about
who she'll hurt
cries until
shes suddenly alert
she didnt cut
she realized we wont leave her
no matter what
now life has its struggles
but shes been alright
ever since she knew
that fateful night
of whos really there
and who really cares

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