A Mermaids Love

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A mermaids Heart is a Mystrious thing.

Submitted: November 23, 2011

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Submitted: November 23, 2011



The Mermaids Love
Enchating lullabys leading sailors into a deep slumber of lust
Sending them on a quest of unatanable love to only get lost in the deep seas grasp
Golden Sun Rises & sets setting the mood of romance and perfection
Realization of Fault will never come for the water woman has them under her captavating trance
Sunkissed glowing skin, with long damp hair extending for what seemed miles
Eyes that burned with passion & mystery right down to even the most intellagent mans core
for you love without your sight or your mind, but your heart, faux love inspiring a down hill of emotions
feelings of fakeness, and shame leads to the death of the aquatic beauty
When Realizm hits the men snap out of there long awaited illusion to leave the mermaid to weep alone, for her tears will never be seen or her crys will never be heard, until the next man falls for her captavating beauty.



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