Silent Run (Preview)

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A Teenager boy named Akiyo who lives alone in a Dark City. He ran away from his parents because of their rules and discipline. He knows a few things of fighting because he did karate while living with his parents and is highly intelligent from what he used to learn at school, which he doesn't go anymore. He usually lives on the buildings so no one could discover or find him in day time but sneaks and steals in the night. But one day during night, a gang went up to him and he was fighting for his life but they wrestled him and nearly killed him until a part of him came out and killed all of them and he doesn't remember a thing about it.

Submitted: June 06, 2011

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Submitted: June 06, 2011



Chapter 1 The night had shifted to a race of fear. My mind was out in the air, thinking of what to do next. My body kept running and running until I escaped. But I still heard them, those villains of mine; My enemies; my foes. I tried keeping the bag close to me so it wouldn't fall and my mission would be a failure.

“Quick, Quick! We almost got him!” yelled someone.

I wanted to look back but I knew it would only slow my down. My body started to tire from this but I knew I shouldn't give up. Then it came. I ran into a ditch. I wasn't sad about it. I was happy because it was easy for me to climb this wall. After all, I have master skills with my hands.

“Hehe! We got him for sure!” said another

I smirked and jumped out of the air and climb real quick up the bricky building being disregarded to my oppositions. What fools.

“Where the hell did he go?” yelled one guy

“I don't know, but lets check both these doors! I'll check the right, you check the left”

“Right!” Both went and continued the search.

I looked down at the building smiling at my accomplishment and opened the bag of sweets.

“Awww chow time” I cooed. I took out my prize and enjoyed the rest of the night.

2 hours later

I was relaxing, looking out at the stars with amazement. Such a beautiful night. My hair was dancing with the wind as it swirled through my whole body. I laid on the hard uncomfortable floor but I didn't mind. I felt amazing this night.

“Well well well” said a harsh noise

I jumped and looked around.

“Who's there!?”

“Hehehe” I heard giggling and laughing and I felt eyes on me but all I saw was my shadow.

Then there was silence. The only sound heard was whispers of ghost around me. Maybe it was just people inside the buildings.

“Hey pikka boo” a whisper came behind me and I jumped and turned to see my fellow hunter. He looked like he could be a wrestler from my used to be favorite show called “WWE” But enough with playing. This guy looked like trouble.

“Wh-who are you?” I asked softly The guy was tall from my standards and looked down at me like I was little kid “The names Jax but you can call me 'Nightwalker'” Woah what a name he was. It sounded familiar, 'Nightwalker'. But it didnt matter. He walked towards me with a grin on his face. I didn't like how he grinned at me.

“And whom may you be?” he asked politely

“My names Akiyo” I said shivered backing up a little to have my space.

“What an interesting name that is” he said. “Tell me Akiyo” he said while walking in circles.

“ Why are you here?” he said. I looked at the older man and replied, “Because I live here”

“Where are your parents?” He said concernedly stopping from his tracks. Who is this guy? Why is he asking me these things?

“Why do you care?” I glared at him

“Oh I was just wondering with a young boy like your self to be here during the middle of the night with no protector.” He said looking at me once again with that grin on his face.

“I protect myself. And I'm am just about to leave” I growled turning my gaze from him. I then started walking on to the next building to find a more comfortable place. Just before I jumped on the net building, I felt strong hands around my stomach pulling me.

“Uh Uh, I'm afraid your not going any where.” Said Jax. He pulled me and slammed me on the ground, holding me the possession I was in. I wasn't too strong to go against this guy but I tried and struggled to get free. “I got him boys!” I was on my back and seen two other guys appearing. They looked the same size as this guy. I felt I was a dead man..

“Ugh!” grumbled. The boys laughed at my humiliation and effort to get lose. My arms were held tight from the guy on top of me. He looked at my with that grin on his face.

'Such a young boy, out here in the night. No one to come and rescue. I thought you could protect your self. Hm?” He laughed. I glared at him “You bastard”

“You know boy you should never talk to a stranger” More laughing came out.

“What should we do to him?” asked another guy.

“Simple” replied Jax “We'll gobble him up ” he hissed. I couldn’t believe my ears. Were they cannibals? Then I looked up at Jax and saw something unnoticed.

Those sharp teeth of his. He looked way beyond human! His skin changed to a Dark Greenish color. I looked at the other guys who were changing as well. Then it came to me. These were the The Riders of the Night! The most vicious creatures ever to become. I felt goosebumps on my arms and legs. I was face to face with them. My eyes wide at the appearance they were in.

“Do you know what we really are boy?” The voice sounded like a cruel and horrifying demon of the night. I felt sick and tired.

To Be continued

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