Chapter 4- L0v3: B0i M33ts G1rl

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This starts about 4 hours after Chapter 3...

Selise Finds Bree on he way to lunch with Micheal and they get in a fight

Submitted: November 16, 2008

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Submitted: November 16, 2008



It was about 12:00, LUNCHTIME!!! Yes! I am actually pretty hungry. Me and Micheal had been hanging out in my room for the past about 2.5 hours. We were training for fights at first down on the feild with Jason but then we came up here and started to watch T.V. Dont worry- we didn't do anything else.

"Come on Micheal!!! I'm hungry. I dont know if you are but I am!!" I playfully whined.

"Fine, fine." He replied smiling.

He took my hand after turning the T.V show off and lead me out the door. This is actually pretty nice, I thought to myself. Maybe I do like him. But just a little. I took a short side glance at him. He looked at me. Gosh I love his eyes. Then without even noticing it was happening he gentley took my chin and kissed me. I obviously kissed back, but then we broke apart. I was shocked.

"What??" Micheal asked, confused. "Am I a bad kisser?"

"No! No. Your not a bad kisser! I was just shocked." I smiled at him to reassure him.

"Oh! Ok." He replied but then stopped walking.

I looked at the person infront of us. Long black hair. Slightly fat. But not that bad. Muddy brown eyes. And about my height. I looked at her and all I needed to say was, "Hey Selise."

"Hello may I speak to you in private please?" She asked me.

"Sure." I replied and we went dow the hall.

"Please, please tell me your not dating Micheal."

"Ehh..I'm sorry." I replied.

"Why would you DO THAT TO ME?? I THOUGHT WE WERE BEST FRIENDS?!?!?!?" She started screaming at me.

"We were! We are!" I pleaded.

"More like we WERE!!!!"

"Whats going on..." Micheal asked. Comming toward us.

"SHE BROKE THE GIRL CODE." Selise screamed.

"What the fuck is the 'girl code.'" I asked now getting mad.

"YOUR NOT SOPOSSED TO DATE YOUR FRIENDS EX!!!!" She looked hurt and pissed. "THATS HOW YOU LOOSE FRIENDS!!" She yelled at me.

"Oh, well too bad." I said sarcasticly.

"Do you want us to break up?" Micheal asked.

"NO!!!" I shouted at Micheal.

"NO THAT WONT HELP ANYTHING!! ME AND BREE JUST ARN'T FRIENDS ANYMORE. SIMPLE. AS. THAT!" She shouted and dissapered down the stairs.

"I'm sorry Bree. This is all my fault. I asked you out, its not your fault you said yes." Micheal said apologetically.

"Its fine. Dont take the blame. Shes a hoe anyways. Now lets go to lunch. I'm starving!!" I said taking his hand smiling, and playfully dragged him into the lunch room.

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