Chapter 7- L0v3: B0i M33ts G1rl

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Submitted: November 18, 2008

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Submitted: November 18, 2008



"Please let Kevin back in!" I begged.

"Fine." Micheal agreed. "And to tell you the truth, I hate you even though I still love you."

"Ughh I feel like I'ma faint.." I said but I could barley walk so I sat down.

"Quit lying. Why would you even faint!" Micheal argued but look worried.

"Because I love you, yet you hate me."

Suddenly the world blurred and the only thing I heard was "BREE!!" from Micheal, then the world went black.


I dont know how long I was out. When I woke up Micheal was kneeling next to me holding me close. 

"Ughhh..." I mumbled.

"YOUR AWAKE!!!!!!" He shouted.

"Ehmm...Micheal?" I said still ot of it. 

"Yes?!" He replied frantically.

"I love you. Can I please be with you."

He was silent for a second. "Fine. I'll dump Brittney next time I see her. And you dump Jason next time you see him."

"Ok." I agreed.

The rest of the night was going well. Me and Micheal kissed and acted as if we were dating although we were with other people. We also basically just hung out with Jack and Selise who were acting very weird. But then again they were just practically making out the whole time. At about 10:30PM that night Jason came out. I had what I was going to say planned out very well. As Jason came closer, I slowly inched away from Micheal. I greeted Jason with a hug once he got next to me. 

"Hey Jason." I said with a smile. 

"Hey Bree." He said returning the smile. 

"May I speak to you please?" 

"Ofcaurse Bree." He said and he grabbed my hand and we walked into the castle. 

"I'm really sorry. I really did love you but Micheal..." I didnt finish.

"Oh. I love you to Bree." His voice was sad. He knew where this conversaion was going. 

"I dont want to hurt know that right?" 

"Yeah. I know.." He drifted. "So were breaking up?" 

"Yes. I'm sorry Jason." I gave him a apoligetic look and kissed his cheek. I then turned and walked back to Micheal. 

"I dumped him." I said in a quiet voice. 

"Ok." He said. We then turned and saw Jason with his head down walking back to the main building without a backwards glance.  

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