Another Bruise, another scar.

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A poem about an abused child.
(I don't really know one, but I'm writing this poem from a point of view from a person who does)

Submitted: April 01, 2011

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Submitted: April 01, 2011



People can see the pain through your sparkling blue eyes.

Those bruised you've hid.

You tell lies to end up just getting beaten again, without knowing.

If you told the truth, about those bruises and scars, and where they came from.

Maybe, you could stop those beatings.

You think you are protecting yourself, when you are just hurting yourself more.

Another bruise, another scar, they might go to far.

A slap could turn into a stab.

A punch could turn into a shot.

A kick could be another broken rib.

Rape could turn into death.

You aren't safe and you know it.

Help yourself escape this deadly fate.

The next beating could be the last.

The last one could turn you into the past.

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