Haunting Gypsy

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A poem I wrote about my feelings.

Submitted: January 22, 2013

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Submitted: January 22, 2013



Every night I toss and turn.
Every night I repeat again.
Blankets fill the empty space.
The place I wish rested your head.
My loneliness not close to an end.

Restless, crying and shaking.
Cold, waiting for you.
Patience! My mind screams. 
But my heart aches and whispers "die"

Doubts, my heart telling me to give him.
Gone... without you.
It's not right, not fair to you.
Connected souls, I fell in love at the start.

I want to kiss your sweet lips that smile and frown.
Those lips that live on such a beautiful face.
I want to feel your soft skin.
Hold your hand in mine.
To kiss your cheek goodnight.

That smile, yours. 
The smile when you talk to me...
A feature I fell in love with.
The first time I saw it.. I will never forget.

Every time I receive a message from you my heart pounds.
I get nervous, scared to talk to you.
So in love, some times words are hard.

Dreams of you, are so sweet.
But some so sad.
dreams make me long for you.
The bad leave me in shock.
Shaking, so cold. 
You're haunting me.

Such a beautiful sweet boy like you...
I see why mankind loves you.
I'm so afraid you'll fall out of love.
I want to be with you...

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