Lost minds.

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kinda.. lost my mind.

Submitted: September 20, 2012

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Submitted: September 20, 2012




A love so deep, deep like the ocean.
The tides suffocating me.
Drowning me in all my sorrow.
Wishing for the end,
For the ocean floor to open up and swallow.

Sick of love, its like a virus.
Posioning my heart.
Making my heart pulse faster.
Thoughts of you pump through my veins.
The blue is the sadness.
The purple and red are my pain.

Poisoned my brain.
Jumbling the words I have spoke.
Mumbling to myself.
Scrambled thoughts.
A hopeless romantic..
The lover physhotic.

Control over me.. he has my heart.
If the lover is gone, 
My lover forgot.
The emptiness inside me.
Filling me completely.
There is a darkness inside me,
Over taking my life.

Driving me to hold on by strings.
Wishing I was dead.
My love..
I wish the same,
Not to happen to you.

Forget me my love,
Don’t fill like me.
Keep away from the poison,
Or fall ill like me.
You’ll lose control.
Hands shake..
Words do not make sense.

Lost myself within you..
Only wishing to continue.
Live inside me,
Find the innocence.
Make yourself pure..
I’m at the end..
I love you, I’m sure.

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