My nigthmare

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This is a REAL dream I had last night.

Submitted: September 24, 2010

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Submitted: September 24, 2010




I woke up in a wooden trailor. Like the ones they use for horses. There was small cracks for us to see . I felt this sharp pain. My back agesnt the wall and my hands were nailed to this wooden stand like thing in front of me. the stand was boolted to the floor. There were to other girls in the trailer with me. They were nailed in to. One of the girls got out. She had black hair and was very pale. She took the nails that were throw my hands and into the board out.I forgot how to use my hands and I some how learned to speak again. I slowly regained power over my hands. There were black holes in my hands and they were all bloody. I took a peak outside and we were stop infront of a house that looked frimilar. I remembered it was my house! Some how I got out and went in the house without the old lady who captured me. She pulled the trailor with her ugly old car. She was to busy smoking to notice I went inside. I saw my friend chey walking towards me down the hall.

I hear the front door the old lady came in because apprently her car wasn't working so my parents invited her to dinner. I pulled chey into my brother terrance and my sister geogias room. " I am glad you aren't like me but now your like meI am like you used to be " she said I couldn't say anything. She showed my this black whole on her chest. "I was kiddnapped by the old lady" I said. I showed her my hands but there was also some on my wrists I have never seen before. She didn't understand. "Come out to dinner" she said. I shock my head she started getting mad."She kidnappeds girls people every 9 months" cheysaid.I came out hoping the lady was gone but she was still there. My mom saw my and pointed at the door. I know she knew it wasn't safe. The ground was red , blue and really bright green. I could on step on the normal colored ground . I ran towards the back yard. I fell and hit the ground .

Then I woke up.

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