Squat House

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A poem based off a dream I had. The house we lived in technically was a squat but I was like.. the main person who had it. So I like owned it? Anyone could come live there really.

Submitted: January 22, 2013

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Submitted: January 22, 2013



Lonely nights waiting for you to come home
Waiting to see you on my own
By out selves, closed door
Secret lovers

Your body against me
Your eyes taunting me
Sweet kisses on my neck
If we got caught you'd be dead

Longing for love
Wanting each other
Clinging to our clothes
Holding you close

No lips we can kiss
He would taste me 
Your his, not mine
You feel so right
My secret love

We need each other
Space between us
We have to let go
Fix our clothes 

People so clueless
Them them we have some news
I'm in control
But I feel so pushed around
I did this all for you

Why won't they let me love you?
I was the one protecting you
Holding your hand in the rough
Trying my best
Maybe they didn't think I could

You had my heart in your hard
Almost every day
we did the same thing
I wanted you so bad
I'm in love with a boy
He's in my arms kissing my skin
Not my face

But it was just all a dream,
And I'm still alone every night
He's so far away
I need to feel him in my arms
Not my dreams

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