The Night Watcher

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This is based off one of my dreams.

Submitted: May 29, 2012

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Submitted: May 29, 2012




Running through the night, anything could be few steps a head of you, or a few stgeps behind you. Every where you turn, every move you make someone is watching.. it's the night watcher. He sits up high on some plat form, in the night sky. He casts a white-yellow glow when you are near, that way you know he's here. He appears old, but he has a good heart. He's out there to pretect you from the dark. 


Running into dark places, climb up the nets fast paced. hurry, hurry a boy motions a head of me jumping out the window. Going through, and through places like this, up, up and out. No time to stop, no time to look back. He's following us. No words, no sound. The night engulfs the sound. Sweat drips down my cheek. I run as fast as I can, until the boy stop at a fence. No sound, but I can still tell what he is thinking. There is a tree, blocking the rest of the fence so it doesn't fully block off the area. He squeezed through, but than.. there is the night patrol.


 A boy, in a white shirt, blue jeans. About 17 years old comes running at us, leaving his truck on the side of the road. We ran, and ran until a dead end. We were cornered, and he had a dart gun. He shot my friend in the arm, oh his cries would fill up the night, a eco through the sky. He points the gun at me, and I run. He was a few steps away from me, I thought I was a goner. It was so dark, until I saw the white-yellow light. He stopped dead in his track and heard the Night Watches howl.. sound why is there sound. He flees and the Watcher smiles at me. My friend, I soon find him. The bleeding stopped. He had all the stones. Three moon stones, one cresent stone. 


Running to the park, where her bones lay in the earth. We spilt ways, I ran towards the yellow moon through the bushes. I stopped and looked at it for a while, and then I remembered.. she was waiting. By the time I'd gotten three feet to where she lies, the stones where layed out, but not in order. The police came, lots of them. He'd tripped some sort of an alarm. A police man grabbed my arm, digging his nails into it. I cried out in agony, his nails where like knives, stuck in my arm. He let me go when he saw the Night Watcher. My friend.. where did he go? 


One of the other police officers helped me figure out the order they go. Turning wolves heads, this way and that small parts of her where distracted from them. She was a small ghost, the size of one of the moon stones. She wanted me to write something to her. "You'll be okay, and you'll live longer.." I can't remember all that I wrote, but I know I wrote that. She was so upset, she had no reason to be murdered. Tears started to flow down my cheeks, I wish the Night Watcher had been there to watch over her. 

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