The Way I Loved You-bondiggity's A Challenge That's Really Cool

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is my entry for bondiggity's A Challenge That's really cool challenge. I was supposed to write a story based off the song 'The Way I Loved You' by Taylor Swift, and this is what I came up with. I truly hope you enjoy!

The last night she'd heard it was two days after they'd broken up. She'd tried to tell herself it was someone else, but she knew better. The hum of the motorcycle she'd ridden on was engraved in her mind, and she'd never forget it. It had been the soundtrack to her life for too many months for her to be able to forget it so easily. She'd crept out of her bed, tiptoeing for effect, then pulled her curtains back a fraction of an inch before peaking outside. Sure enough, sitting across the street from my house was a '97 Harley, looking more beautiful than ever. But what was even more beautiful than the motorcycle was the man leaning against it, leather-clad arms crossed over his wide, expansive chest, legs dressed in denim crossed at the ankle, biker boots loose and unlaced at his feet. Oh yes, she thought, Jamie Carson was much more beautiful than his bike. For a few minutes she just stood there looking at him, remembering the feel of his silky blonde curls running through her fingers, remembering the intense stare of his chocolate brown eyes, remembering the feel of his hands as he held her close.

Then he'd looked away from the park down the street, where they'd shared their first kiss, flicked his cigarette to the ground, crushed it under his boot, and looked up at her window. She saw him start to smile even before he'd seen her. Because he knew she was there. He always knew. Holding up a finger signaling for him to wait a moment, she quickly grabbed her camera from her nightstand and returned to the window, pulling back the drape to find him in the same exact position, still wearing that gentle smile of his she was so in love with. Snapping the picture, she kissed her index finger and pressed it to the window before mouthing the word 'goodbye' and climbing back into bed.


"Missus Newton, I love what you've done with the place," A masculine voice said, the sound traveling up the stairs and flowing into her ears. She sat at the top of the stairs, bathed in darkness, just listening to all of the commotion going on downstairs for a few minutes. He was exactly on time, as usual. And now he was having another one of those close moments with her mother, where he compliments her on something and she looks at him as if he were the eighth wonder of the world. Any second now, he was going to ask her father about his law firm business, and then they'd avidly talk about that for five minutes.

"And sir, how's the business going?" He asked, right on cue, and she frowned in disgust. He did everything by the book, didn't he? Standing up and smoothing a wrinkle from her white summer dress to fit the part of the perfect girlfriend, she waited for her mother's call before descending the stairs.

"Kara, that's a lovely dress," her mother commented when she reached the bottom step, smiling in satisfaction. Kara just frowned and said thank you. The only reason her mother complimented the dress was because she'd worn it for Nathan Lowndes instead of Jamie Carson. Jamie Carson. Kara wanted to break down at just the thought of him.

"This is for you," Nathan said, stepping forward and handing her a single yellow daisy. She hated daisies. She liked big, huge stargazer lilies like the ones Jamie had given her before every one of their dates. She didn't get stargazer lilies any more though. Those days were over and done with.

Giving him a soft smile, Kara gave him a quick peck on the cheek as a thanks before going to the kitchen and putting the flower in a vase, mostly because her mom would blow up at her if she threw it away. Returning back into the foyer, Kara said goodbye to her parents before taking the hand Nathan offered her and walking out the front door and down the porch steps to his Ford Escape. Letting go of her hand, he reached forward and opened the door fro her, offering her his hand and helping her in, despite the fact that she had no trouble getting in alone.

"You look beautiful tonight," Nathan said to her a few minutes later, once they were both strapped in and on their way to the movies, where they were going to see 500 Days of Summer.

"Thanks, you don't look bad yourself," Kara said, only to keep him from worrying about her. Kara watched Nathan's face as he said thank you with a blush and a smile, completely oblivious to the fact that when he smiled that smile that made all the girls' hearts melt she felt absolutely nothing. No pitter-pattering heart, no butterflies in her stomach, nothing. Her friends constantly complained to her about how she didn't appreciate Nathan, the perfect, sensible guy that everyone was jealous of.

Kara didn't blame them for being jealous; Nathan was perfect. He was never late to anything, always called when he said he would, never made her wait for anything, and got along great with her family. What more could a girl want than a charming, endearing boyfriend? Nothing. But she wanted none of that. Her best friend could have Nathan for all she cared. She didn't want him. She never had, and she never would. Remaining silent until they reached the theaters, Kara climbed out of the car before Nathan reached for her, then gave him a bright smile when he frowned and told her he had wanted to get the door for her.

"It's okay, Nathan, I can open my own door. Now let's go to the movie."

At the ticket window, Kara put up a fight about paying for her own ticket, but when the lady behind the glass window had sighed and said how romantic it was that Nathan wanted to pay, she'd relented, vowing to pay him back somehow. Maybe she'd buy him ice cream with lots of toppings. Maybe she'd just slip seven dollars into the sun visor in his car. After walking inside, Nathan led Kara to the concession stand and began ordering everything he knew she liked, then asked for a box of Junior Mints before handing them to Kara and carrying anything else.

"For you, my darling," he'd said as he handed her the box of candy, smiling brightly.

Not wanting to hurt him, Kara smiled widely, satisfying Nathan, marveling at how he couldn't tell that her smile was so fake it made Barbie look real. It didn't break her heart that he couldn't tell though; she didn't want him to be able to tell. Following him down the corridors to their theater, she settled down next to him at the very top row of seats, trying to get comfortable in the old leather seat. It creaked and stuck to the back of her thighs, and, gritting her teeth, she pulled her dress down behind her as far as it would go. Nathan looked at her oddly, but then returned his attention to the screen when she gave him a reassuring smile. She rested her arm on the armrest sitting between her chair and the empty one next to her, putting her chin in her hand and sighing quietly. A loud preview filled with explosions and screams was rolling on the screen, so Nathan didn't notice, and she didn't want him to. She thought about how she'd felt when she'd started dating him two weeks ago, and how he'd seemed like the perfect solution after her heartbreak over Jamie. He had yet to make her feel any better, and, if anything, Kara only missed Jamie more and more with each passing day.

As she sat through the movie, absorbing nothing, she thought about how it sucked that her parents had extended her curfew to eleven thirty for the night so that she could catch a movie with Nathan and then go out to dinner. They'd never done that when she was dating Jamie. In fact, they'd hiked her curfew up, so that she wouldn't be able to spend any time with that failure. Anger bubbled deep inside of her at just the thought of her parents looking down on Jamie. He'd been the best thing that ever happened to her, the best thing that ever would.

After the movie, as Nathan tossed their remaining popcorn and soda, he glanced down and saw Kara still holding her box of Junior Mints and frowned.

"You didn't eat your candy," he stated, one of his blonde brows furrowed over his ocean blue eyes.

"Oh, I'm just saving them for later, as a midnight snack," she fudged, patting his shoulder reassuringly. Satisfied with her answer, Nathan took her hand and led her back to the parking lot, opening her car door for her once more and closing it gently before going around to the driver's side and climbing in.

"So, where would you like to go for dinner?" Nathan asked her, sticking his key in the ignition and pulling out of the parking lot at a sedate ten miles per hour.

"Actually Nathan, I'm not feeling all that great. Would you mind just dropping me off at home?" Kara said, blatantly lying to him. She didn't whether or not he knew she was lying, but he listened to her request anyways and drove her back to her home, opening the car door for her and leading her up the walkway, stopping at her front door.

Leaning in, he pressed a soft, two second kiss to her lips, nothing like normal seventeen year olds kiss a girl his age. That was another thing that made all the girls swoon-he respected her space. He didn't hug or kiss excessively, held hands lightly in case the girl wanted to pull away, and rarely showed PDA. She hated it though. Kara just wanted out.

"Listen, Nathan," she started quietly, placing a hand on his shoulder. "I like you a lot and enjoy spending time with you, but I'm not being fair with you, dating you when I'm still in love with someone else. I hope you can understand that I value your friendship and don't mean to hurt you, but I just can't go on with this lie."

"Alright, whatever you want, darling," was all he said, before kissing her cheek and saying one last goodbye. She waited for him to drive away, but when he rolled down his window and yelled out that he wanted to make sure she got inside okay, Kara smiled a real smile for the first time that night. Same old Nathan.


Kara lay under her bedcovers, still fully clothed, staring at the picture of Jamie sitting on her nightstand. It was the same one she'd snapped the last time she'd seen him, the one with him dressed comfortably and sexily, his blonde hair slightly tousled from the windy ride on his motorcycle, grinning his beautiful, gentle, loving smile at her. God, she missed him. She glanced at the clock and saw that it was a quarter past one, then tossed back her covers and slipped on socks and her riding boots before sneaking downstairs and grabbing her keys before heading out her front door. Ripping the blue tarp she'd placed over her motorcycle a month ago off, she glanced down at her baby and felt like crying. Jamie had given her the bike. He'd fixed it up for her and had repainted it, presenting it to her for her seventeenth birthday. The key he'd given her was a single shiny piece of silver, attached to a keychain that read 'Key to my Heart'. She'd put it away when he'd left though, unable to bear the thought of riding it, knowing he'd fixed it up special for her. Now though, as she ran her fingertips over the smooth paint job, she was itching to get back on it.

So, tearing her dress in half between the thighs, she hopped on and revved the engine, letting out a sob before shooting off down the road, going to see Jamie.


"Why did you leave me? Why?!" Kara demanded, looking at Jamie. He said nothing, and she continued. "Don't you know I can't live without you?! Damn you, Jamie! I love you! I love how wild and crazy you were, and how we used to scream and fight and basically create World War III when we got into arguments. I love how you used to take me out on stormy nights to LookoutLake and kiss me with rain pouring down around us. And now, we don't do any of those things, because you  went and acted insane, and it's all my fault! I did this! This is all because of me, because you loved me so much you went off to get me a flower to apologize. And look at you now! I'm so sorry, my love," Kara sobbed out between gasps for air, collapsing on top of Jamie. "I'm so sorry," she whispered again, then looked up.

Jamie D. Carson

Beloved Son, Motorcycle Addict, and Love of Kara Newton's Life

March 12 1990-September 25 2009


The sight just made Kara break down, made her come undone. She hated feeling this way. She hated feeling as if she were on a roller coaster, willing to give up anything to have him back, angry at him for leaving. She hated how much she missed him, how much she loved him. It made her crazy.

"Damn you, Jamie, damn you. I want to be with you, take me with you. Please," she whispered the last word, her teardrops falling onto the top of his tombstone and sliding downwards into the wet grass, drenched from the torrential rain that had begun falling. Purple thunder crackled overhead, and she willed a bolt to hit her, to take her to Jamie. That was all she wanted. She wanted more than a patch of grass and a cold slab of marble as a reminder of Jamie. She wanted more than a motorcycle and more than pictures. She wanted him. And she would have him.

"Kara!" A voice suddenly called out to her, sounding panicked and terrified. "Kara, you need to let go, darling," her father's voice said to her, soothing as he rubbed her back softly with his hand. She hugged his tombstone harder, determined to never let go.

"Never!" She shouted, sobbing uncontrollably, gasping for air. Her father held her tight in his arms and she collapsed into him, crying devastatingly into his bathrobe. "Daddy, I love him," she whispered, her voice still thick with tears.

"I know, baby, I know. And if there was anything in the world I could do to bring him back, I would. I'd go to the end of the earth if it meant bringing Jamie back for you. But I can't do any of those things, and even if I could, it wouldn't bring Jamie back now would it? So please honey, come to the car and come home with me. I don't want you to get sick." Kara looked up and saw that her father was crying too, silent tears, his voice thick with the amount of his emotions.

"Later, daddy. I want to spend a little more time with him. Then I'll come home, I swear."

Kara saw her father hesitate for a moment, then nod his head and stand, watching her for a few minutes before turning and heading back his car, wiping his eyes with the palms of his hands. Turning back to Jamie's grave, she thought about how she'd felt when she'd learned he'd died in a  motorcycle accident. He'd been speeding down the road, going to his favorite meadow to get her a stargazer lily, when seemingly out of nowhere a deer had appeared. He'd swerved to miss it, and instead of the deer losing its life, Jamie had lost his own. For a while she just sat on Jamie's grave, staring at the huge, towering oak tree he'd been buried beneath, surrounded by stargazer lilies in the very meadow he'd been going to when he'd died. She knew it's what he'd have wanted. Standing up, Kara began walking away, then stopped and grabbed something out of her pocket she'd been meaning to give him. The rain had stopped and the sun was just peaking through the clouds, accentuated by a huge, bright rainbow she knew was meant just for her.

Turning back around, Kara hurried back to Jamie and placed the object on his grave, staring down at it for a moment before smiling lovingly.

"That's the way I love you, Jamie," Kara said, beginning to walk away. She was halfway out of the meadow before she looked back and saw the object she'd laid on his grave. The key to her motorcycle, keychain and all.

Submitted: August 05, 2009

© Copyright 2021 XxloveisgoneXx. All rights reserved.

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That was breath-taking! You captured the whole theme and related the story to the song. I really liked how I didn't expect that ending. I really like this story. Beautiful job!

Wed, August 5th, 2009 8:45am


i'm so glad you think so! i did my best to tie it in without making too painfully obvious. yeaa, the ending hit me when i was listening to the song and when she was singing the slower, most emotional part of the chorus at the end of the son. thank you so much! :D

Wed, August 5th, 2009 12:07pm


I agree it was breathtaking! :)
Very good! :) and I cried :P

Wed, August 5th, 2009 11:15am


im so glad that you think so! thanks so much! oh no, not you too! i hate making poeple cry lol! :D

Wed, August 5th, 2009 12:08pm


awww that was sooo good! i listened to the song like three or four times through while reading it! i can't believe that he died! *sob* that was so sad! but it fit the song...but even though i've loved that song since like the first time i heard it i never would've thought he died...but it fits like perfectly.

one thing that really bugged me was that her parents (or just mom) seemed to force her to date nathan soo soon after jamie died. that was was got to me...

anyway this story was phenomenal!

Wed, August 5th, 2009 3:55pm


haha why thank you! yeaa, i was listening to the song while i wrote it. i always do that when i'm writing a song based challenge so i get all the info, ya know? i never really considered him as dying either when i've listened to the song in the past, but then it just kinda hit me and i had to write it. oh gosh, yeaa, her mom was a horrible character, but there had to be a reason she was dating nathan so soon. it wasn't like she'd do it out of free will. thank you so much, im so happy you think so! :D

Wed, August 5th, 2009 12:10pm


That made me cry.
Your writing is so great you capture the reader,
And give us the Unexpected.
That's why I love your writing so much.
Ugh I hate deer those animals are soo evil.
I mean they stand in the street and you try to avoid them and when you crash they happily skip away.
I think they plan these things So deer can take over the world.
Anyway it was really truly shockingly great.

Wed, August 5th, 2009 4:50pm


im sorry, i didn't mean to make you cry! but i try my best to make sure you guys don't get bored, so i have to twist it around sometimes! it's just awesome that you love my writing though, it means a lot. i know, deer suck, unless their bambi and his mom. haha they wanna take over the world? nice guess! but thank you so much, im truly glad you think that! :D

Wed, August 5th, 2009 12:13pm

Phoebe Gardens

Oh my goodness! You blow me away with every story you write. I'm heartbroken for her, and you really made me feel bad for her-but he died what he loved doing; that always gets me and I think you captured his and her love so well.
I have tears in my eyes!
Young love, but I love the rainbow that he gave her-ahh, that bit got me and her raw emotion with her love for him.
So so SO well written, so creative and I swear you really should win this challenge.
Keep up your fantastic work and please keep me updated on all your stories and posts-love your work!

Wed, August 5th, 2009 7:18pm


aww, well uim glad you're blown away! that makes me feel better about my writing lol! im sorry i made you feel bad, but i just had to do it. and yeaa, at least he was doing his favorite thing before he died! aww, don't cry! yeaa, i had to add the rainbow in their for her. a little bit of hope and love for her, ya know? thank you so much, im really glad that you think this is good enough to win, but it isn't up to me lol! and of course i will, you're such an awesome fan! :D

Wed, August 5th, 2009 12:31pm


Seriously, reading this, I was all, "what the hell? why am I crying?" cuz really, my brothers thinks girls crying are just lame. and i'm all, "imma MAKE you cry if you don't shut up!" guys suck balls! am i right? i'm right.

actually, i know exactly why i was pratically bawling my face off, this is FREAKING sad! but the ending was so cute and had me smiling at the end. which was good. pretty damn great, really. well, not bawling, but with my eyes watering, its just the same.

guys still suck ball sac

Wed, August 5th, 2009 7:36pm


hahahahaha i always hate making people cry, it makes me feel bad, especially when people tease them for it, like with your brothers. haha im sorry it's so sad! i tried to make the ending semi-happy! im glad you liked it, aside from crying! haha some of them do! :D

Wed, August 5th, 2009 1:30pm


this was really good. sad to *sniff* :)

Wed, August 5th, 2009 7:37pm


haha thanks! yeaa, it was pretty sad! :D

Wed, August 5th, 2009 1:30pm


Darn you!!! Why do your story always make me cry???!!!
Lucky you this mean the story is really good in my book....
Great job

Wed, August 5th, 2009 8:38pm


this one made you cry? im so sorry! what other ones have made you cry? lol well, at least your crying is a good sign. . .kind of! thanks so much! :D

Wed, August 5th, 2009 1:54pm


omg, thats soooo sad!!! stupid deer. i feel like running some over right now just bc im so pissed off at it.

there was this guy i used to be friends with but grew apart when we got older and he died on a motorcycle after his GF broke up with him. (He was speeding and drank a bit.) yeah and the GF felt sooooooo bad after. it was soooooo sad.

Wed, August 5th, 2009 8:41pm


i know, deer really suck when they aren't standing around being cute. oh gosh, that's terrible. idk how i'd feel if a guy died like that after a breakup. i'd probably feel guilty because we'd broken up or whatever. sad stuff, but we gotta learn to live with it, i suppose. it's all a part of life :D

Wed, August 5th, 2009 1:57pm


I'm crying right now and it takes a lot to make me cry. I loved it!

Wed, August 5th, 2009 8:43pm


awww, i am so sorry that i made you cry! but thanks, im glad you enjoyed it! :D

Wed, August 5th, 2009 1:57pm


I'm such a sap! This is soo sad, but awesome! I didn't expect him to be dead. I'm so crying, great job!
It's amazing when people can evoke such emotions!
I love it!
SO good!
Thank you!

Wed, August 5th, 2009 9:18pm


ahaha i am too, so don't worry! im glad you think so! yeaa, i wanted to twist it up a bit, ya know? aww, don't cry! but i know what you mean, i always think stories that make me cry are the best! im sure there's better stuff than this though! i should be thanking you, not the other way around! so, thank you! :D

Wed, August 5th, 2009 2:30pm


Omg that was wow
i'm speechless , I kept reading and reading cause I needed to no why he left her
You are SO Talented , so jealous lol
I clicked I like it for you too :)

Wed, August 5th, 2009 9:30pm


ahaha well, im glad you thought it was good enough to leave you speechless! yeaa, i didn't want to give away the secret too soon. aww, im so glad you think so, but don't be jealous! and thnx so much for clicking the button! :D

Wed, August 5th, 2009 2:42pm


gahh, I'm so sad now :( But that's good cuz ur story portrayed alot of emotion, which I love. It was really entertaining to read, I love it. Continue the good work

Wed, August 5th, 2009 9:47pm


aww, im sorry you're sad! i tried to make it sad without being too dramatic, ya know? im so glad you liked it! it means a lot! and of course i will! :D

Wed, August 5th, 2009 2:53pm


Damn-it! I wasn't expecting that to be sad but now I'm crying and it's all your fault! But truly, this was wonderful! I don't know the song but I feel like I should listen to it now...although I'm worried it will make me cry as well. I loved how emotional it was and how you shocked the readers! Very well done! :)

Wed, August 5th, 2009 11:40pm


im so sorry that it made you cry! it sems to be doing that to a lot of readers! im glad you liked it though! the song is amazing, it definitely isn't as sad as this story, but it's amazing all the same. yeaa, i didn't think everyone would be as shocked as they were lol! thanks so much! :D

Wed, August 5th, 2009 5:18pm


excuse me while I wipe my tears, sniff sniff. This was brilliant. You are a very talented writer, as I tell you every time.This was very easy to get into the characters and the emotions where perfect with everything that was going on. This touched me. :)
Tell me when you write anything new.

Wed, August 5th, 2009 11:43pm


awww, im sorry you have tears and the sniffles! im so glad you liked it though! and it's so sweet that you think so highly of my writing! i had a good time creating the characters and plot for this story, so im glad you enjoyed it too and that it connected with your emotions! of course i will, thanks so much for reading this, especially when it made you cry! :D

Wed, August 5th, 2009 5:31pm


Wow.....that was beautifully written! It really was.

I kinda had a feeling that he might of been dead. I just didn't want to believe it. It just makes me all sad. Kara's emotions were portrayed very well. I thought it was really sweet that she left the motorcycle keys with him. At least, he'll be waiting for her and wishing her a happy life. This was an incredible story! I believe you have a very good chance in winning the challenge.
Excellent Job!


Thu, August 6th, 2009 1:25am


awww, thank you so much!! i think you're the first to suspect that he was dead. i think i surprised everyone else! im sorry you're sad! yeaa, kara's really emotional in the story, so im glad you think i portrayed them well! of course she left her keys for him. he'll be waiting for her up in heaven, along with her keys. thank you so much, and im glad you think i have a good chance of winning!! :D

Wed, August 5th, 2009 7:06pm


Wow, hear I was thinking that he had broken up with her, and yet he had died! (I've never listened to that song by her!) Wow, you just captured the emotion perfectly! I mean.... I'm like speechless! I wish I knew the right word *goes and looks up some on Dictionary . com but fails to find one good enough) Darnit!

Anyways you did an amazing job! I really, really liked it! I'm glad that she didn't take her own life! And I hope that she can move on soon enough! You're an amazing writer!


Thu, August 6th, 2009 4:42am


haha yeaa, i wanted to hide the secret until the end so ya'll thought i just had them break up, but instead he'd died. eep, it's such a great song! im so glad that you think it was good! wow, speechless? haha speechless even after looking up words in the online dictionary?! something must be wrong with the world lol! i thought about having her commit suicide but then decided against it. it just would've been an all around sucky ending. oh gosh, thank you so much that means a lot! and thanks so much for reading! :D

Wed, August 5th, 2009 10:08pm


Oh my god, that was so painfully sad.
My heart actually aches for her.
I love this, you related the song perfectly.

The ending was such a shock, I would never have guessed that he'd died.

Congrats on a wonderful story :)

Thu, August 6th, 2009 10:26am


i know, it's such a horrible experience. i felt horrible doing it to her, but i just had to. im glad you think so, and im so glad you loved it! yeaa, i wanted to keep his death a secret until the very end! thank you so much! :D

Thu, August 6th, 2009 12:02pm


Oh my gosh.

This is absolutely sad and awesome at the same time! I have some serious competition! :] I'm in the challenge as well :D Loved it. This totally made me cry!

Best of luck!

Thu, August 6th, 2009 10:44am


ahah i know, it's like, the saddest story i've ever written! oh you are? hmmm, this will be interesting lol! im so glad you loved it! and im sorry for making you cry! you too! :D

Thu, August 6th, 2009 12:03pm


Okay. I know I told you on a comment on your profile that I couldn't choose which song to use yet, but I changed my mind xD

I'm going wiiiiith -- You Left Me by The Maine :]
Eeeep. I am so nervous. I read some of my competition's work and now I'm too freaked out to write because it was too awesome for words to explain! *bites nails* Oh well. Here goes everything.

Thu, August 6th, 2009 10:49am


haha yeaa, but oh, i loooove the maine, they're so awesome, i love all of their songs!! haha don't be nervous, i'm sure your story will be awesome!!! :D

Thu, August 6th, 2009 1:11pm

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