The Sunshine Ballad (revised to memory)

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one of my first songs. enjoy!

Submitted: March 31, 2010

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Submitted: March 31, 2010



  You're thinking of sunshine.

 I'm thinking 'bout rain

You're thinkin of a clear blue sky,

While im thinkin of a cloudy day

You're thinkin of pink,

You're thinkin of blue

I'm thinkin bout black.

And my friends are too

CHORUS (^^): You can call me a freak,

Well speak for yourself

You can call me a fool

I'm just bein myself

And one day you'll see

My CD on your shelf

And you'll realize that you can't bring me down.

You draw you're ponies,

I'll draw my blade

While I dream of anarchy

You'll be thinkin of your day


Why don't you grab your princess wand

And I'll unsheath my Stratacaster

And the ring of the choir

Will sound the sign of war

My last words to you are:


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