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How far will love go? Would you go with her if you had a choice? Would you go with him if you had a choice?

Submitted: February 19, 2010

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Submitted: February 19, 2010



"Hello," he says picking up his cell phone. Gasps of someone breathing come in through the other line.

"Hello? Who is this?" he says louder. Someone mumbles something. "If this is a joke then I'm hanging up."

"Sorry. It's me" she says. It's his girlfriend. He yelled at his girlfriend. His face goes red from doing that to her. "Listen can you do me a favor."

"Sure anything for you." A toilet flushes in the background.

"Listen babe, I'm...sick could get me tomorrows homework and bring it to over, please."

"I can do that."

"Thank you," she says and hangs up the phone.


~During school the next day~


"Why aren't you sad?" his and her friend asks him. He looks up from his locker and into the friends eyes.

" 'Bout what?"

"You mean she hasn't told you yet!" he yells at him shock on every level. His mouth hung open wide enough that at any minute a fly could fly there and choke him to death. The boyfriend shakes his head.

"No what happened?" The bell rings for the next class. The friend takes a step back.

"Sorry I have to get to class," he says and dashes through the hallway. The boyfriend is concerned now. Screw class, he thinks and runs out of the building.


~Her house~


He knocks, kicks, and rings the door bell until her father answers it. He glares at him. Usually he would look away from his eyes but something catches his. They are both red and puffy almost as if he's been crying.

"Where is she? Is she alright?" This was the first thing that came out of his mouth. The puffy, red eyes glare dissappeared from the father and he drops his head. Tears begin to hit the floor, his shoes and the anything below him. He grabbed the boyfriend by the collar and whispered at him, "I want you to check the Central Hostpital. There she awaits you." He lets go of him and closes the door in his face. The boyfriend walks to his car stiffly. He now knows that something is very wrong, but the question still remained. Why didn't she tell me?




She lays on her back staring at the white ceiling like she's been doing for the past three hours. Her mother is outside her room crying for the dying baby. She's trying to keep her sobbing quiet so her child won't hear her but it's no use. The daughter didn't need the doctor to come in and tell her that it was terminal. She wasn't deaf she was dying. Besides the screen that told her her heart rate. And it told her that it was slowing down. She was begining to feel drowsy. Like a demon that was plaguing her had just casted a spell on her that would make her sleep.




The speed limit read 50 mph if you added 30 mph to that you'd know how fast the boyfrend was going when he drove past he sign. He figured that if he was there for her that everything would be alright, just like in the movie they watched last week. He wasn't paying attention, instead he was in lala land  and he ran through a STOP sign . Metal crunching was what had snapped him out of his memories. When he looked over at his door broken glass was shotting at him hitting him everywhere that was possible. Then his world started to do summer-salts. Sending him in circles. When it finally stopped he was upside down with glass stuck in him a white thing that was sticking straight out of his arm. It didn't hurt. Nothing on his body really hurt. But inside the pain in his heart was exploding and was starting to bleed. A tear escapes his eyes.

He whispers, "I'm sorry and good-bye."




She's crying and she doesn't know why. She's excepted that she was dying. So what was her problem? She wanted to see him before she left him forever. She felt like an idiot she should have told him when they were on the phone. What an idiot she was. The doctor in the rooms pager beeps and he glances down and checks it.

"God bless it," he says and rushes out of the door. "Teenagers and there careless driving." It couldn't be, could it, she thinks and closes her eyes. She is still crying but that will some stop. She smiles to herself.

"I'll see you soon," she whispers. Soon her tears stop and they take her heart with them.


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