A Box (My Take on Society)

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I'm In a box.

Submitted: September 08, 2010

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Submitted: September 08, 2010



A Box.


I am in a box,

A plain, white box.

That's all it is.

A blank room.

Nothing in this room,

But you,

And that sharpie.

That one black sharpie.

No sound,

No music,

No life.

Just you, and the sharpie.

So silent, a pin could drop.

Oh my!

Did the sharpie speak!?

Holy crap!

What is it saying!?

What do I do!?


What will you do with this sharpie?

There is nothing on the walls,

Nothing said.

Nor done.

You grab the sharpie,

And begin drawing,


You work hours on this masterpiece!

When you look..

The wall is blank.

How is this possible?

There is no way,

That an idea in society can be heard,

Unless you make your point known.

Everyone thinks the same,

But it takes a bold outreach to make your point shown,

Use that sharpie to make a difference.

You might have drown that picture,

It was just not big enough!

Draw it bigger,



That sharpie,

Will be your greatest tool in the future.

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