Can One's Heart Sing like a Canary?

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What happened to me tonight [10.9.2012] that I will never forget.

Submitted: October 09, 2012

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Submitted: October 09, 2012



Okay this is Booksie, so I am free to express my feelings over what just happened to me! Eeep! Okay so there is this boy who works where my rehearsals are, his name is a secret [Teehee sorry]. Anyway! He and I are you know just kind of friends, but tonight seemed... I don't know... Different! So he drives me home because I end rehearsals at *cough, cough* ten pm *cough, cough* and that's when he gets off work. So we are just talking [after I nearly had a heart attack from a live scorpion appearing out from under my backpack] and he just asks how my day was, and he gives me this smile, and I nearly want to die. It's not just a smile, oh no, it's a smile that only a boy can give. That kind that makes you chew on your lip, rock back and forth on the balls of your feet, and squeal internally. Yeah, now you know the smile. So before we can leave he likes to change out of his uniform [I can't blame him, i wear uniforms too] so I'm waiting for him to change, and he's whistling! And being the curious person I am, I ask him, "Do you always whistle when you change clothes?", he just smiled sweetly and says, "Yeah, sometimes." It was pretty to listen too, really it was. 

So he gives that to me as we are walking out the door and he asks how my day was, I answer fine how was yours [Gotta be polite you know], and he said it's boring. Of course I asked why I mean, why not? He said he doesn't like seeing kids, but he doesn't mind the job. Being a lady I protested saying, "So you don't like seeing me?" Looking up at him with a smile, and he looked over at me and said, "I thought you weren't a kid?" and I kind of giggled, I think it turned out more cutesy/flirty then just a simple giggle, but things happen. So I simply replied, "Well what am I in your eyes?" and he shrugged and said, "I don't know, my opinion doesn't matter." I just laughed as he opened the passenger seat to his truck and got in and said, "Only in politics." Climbing into the drivers seat, as he starts the car he says, " You better get your rides in while you can, because once I get my motorcycle I don't know if your mama would want you on it." I laughed and said, "I told you, millions of people drive me home, she doesn't care what kind of car you drive, or who you are, as long as I get home. Besides," Like a little kid I kind of swing my feet back and forth a bit, "I've never been on a motorcycle before." He just kind of looked at me smiling.

So he's driving me home, do note I only live five minutes away from my rehearsal, but this ride seemed to last for a life time! We were pulling up to a stoplight and he  rolled down his window, country songs are playing in the background [yes I like country music, don't judge me and my ears please]. So we are just talking, little things, and then he starts singing. And I comment on it. He has a voice, oh my golly geez does he have a voice! It's not low like Scotty McCreery, but it's more like Tim McGraw. So he's singing a song, don't ask me for the title I was too captivated, and that's when I comment on his voice. He was very happy that I told him he sounded like Tim McGraw. He kept flipping back and forth stations, well only between two stations really, but I mean who was counting? [Me!]. We are driving along, my hair's kind of blowing in the wind and occasionally I look over and smile at him [Just out of pure feeling of the moment], and he does the same to me; but never at the same time mind you.

A few moments later the song, "I Wanna Take the High Road," I don't know who it's by but he and I both know the words--and we start singing it, together! Greatest moment ever! I'm singing it an auctive above him, but still [Harmonizing!] it was perfect! So if anyone has been to my house [My best friend has] you know it's nearly impossible to figure out which house is mine, and I like to play a game where I kind of let people try and guess which house is mine late at night [Really it's a fun game]. So we pull up to one house, and asks with his smile, "Is this it?" and I just shrug and say, "I dunno." He shakes his head and says , "No," then we come up to the house right next to the last house we were at, still the same answer. Finally we actually get to my house.

So he pulls into my driveway, only a little [As my best friend knows, my driveway is kind of a pain]. So, he stops to let me out, he looks at me says, "Have a goodnight," well I pull on the door, and sheepishly smile over at him and say, "Well you have to let me out of your car first." So he presses the button again, and he says that it's unlocked, so I pull on it again and realize I am kind of daft. So I slowly get my stuff and he smiles at me and says, "Have a goodnight," [He says my name, but this is the internet so that's a secret too]. Being me I smile, I feel like I am smiling like an idiot, as I finish gathering my stuff. I stop for a minute and look at him smiling, "Wait, you never told me your opinion of me, am I a kid or an adult in your eyes?" He laughed and flashed his smile my way, "You're alright," being me I blush insanely [Because from what I see in movies, when a boy says, "You're alright" you're clearly more then that!].

Laptop and binder in hands, rainbow-checkered backpack over my shoulder, he looks at me with that smile [The one that makes your heart melt, yeah that one!] He looks at me with that smile and says, "See you tomorrow?" and I looked at him with my smile, I could have sworn I was blushing, and said, "Aww do you miss me?" he smiled and looked away for a second with a bit of a chuckle [I think he was blushing too!], then he looked at me and said, "Yeah well," I just stood there holding my stuff like a dork, "Cute. I will see you tomorrow, then." Then we shared another exchange of goodnights and off he went. I turned over my shoulder and smiled at him, and I could have sworn he caught me smiling, because he smiled back.

Mind you people, I am not a girl people date. I am the person of the group, who all of their friends are taken, and is giving dating advice [but is still single]. Yup, that's me. So this moment, if you can imagine, is one of those that when I see him, I will always think about. Always! I can't even describe how I feel right now, it's just... It's a feeling I want to hold onto forever.... 


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