Curiouser and Curiouser

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My take on Alice and Wonderland^^ written for the Mad Hatter in my life-- Lucas XD

Submitted: September 06, 2010

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Submitted: September 06, 2010



Curiouser and Curiouser...?
By: Matty.

Math geeks...
Are smart...
So...what am I...?
I don't fall in love...
Because I get hurt...

I don't tell a lie...
Because with that...
I'm a jerk...
Curiouser and curiouser...?
Where do I belong...?
If I wished on a star...
I don't go to Neverland...
I don't get my wish...
I just get... nothing!

A dream...
What dream...?
A dream is a wish my heart makes...?
That's from Cinderella right?
Then it's not really a wish!
It's just something my heart says,
"Hmm she's asleep let's put something in her head!"
See I told you!
So one night your heart could say,
"Hmm...let's add some love in this dream; oh what fun!"
The next,
"Hmm...her boyfriend falling off cliffs! Oh man, is he done?!"
Ha, you never know!
So are yooooou,
A lover that loves?
A math geek thats smart?
A liar that lies?
I wish that's not a real?
A dream thats retarded?
Or...Are you Mad as a hatter...?
One may not tell?
Curiouser and curiouser my dear child...
Your tea cup is empty!
No wait its half full!
Why not try it out!
Oh look it's half of a cup!
Oh my!
Dearest me!
Huh? What? I'm confused!

In my world theres no up!
You simply fly down,
And simply fall up!
Are you looking down?
With that, you might drowned!
Where am I going?
I thought I was home?
At the park was I not?
Huh? Oh why the blue smoke?
My dear it's your birthday!
No wait that's a joke!
Youre simply in wonder less land dearest child!
Or as some might have called it,
My Wonderland!
Here are no rules; here's simply just pleasure!
Meet my dear cat,
His name,
Is Cheshire.
My dear little girl,
Do you see my dear head?
Do you see my dear body?
Do you see my smile instead?
Or maybe my tail?
How about a paw or two?

But you're just a cat!
Or so you might say!
If Im just a cat,
Then why am I just a head?
I dare you to answer that!
Curiouser and curiouser...?
What am I around here?
I say off with her head!!
My dear queen,
Save it child.
Cards take her away,
To the dungeon she goes!
Don't show her the light,
Don't feed her a nibble,
At half past ten,
Her heads gone!
No blood scribbles!!
What am I around here?
Or my goodness a white rabbit?
Do I say "Hi"?
Watch it go by as the time flies?
No wait! I shall go!
And run after this fellow!
Oh please Mr. Rabbit!

Oh dear where am I now?
Back where I began?
I'm back at the park!
Now how did this happen?
So no, I'm no hatter!
No, I'm no cat!
No, I'm no queen or a rabbit at that!
I'm simply a lover,
No math geek for sure!
A liar what gives?
Lying is simply no chore!
If I lie, Im a jerk!
So that's simply not me!
I'm a lover of dreams!
And dreams that love me!

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