How I Met My Best Friend

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The ridiculous story of how I met my best friend, Evan. A real life story from when we were three or four years old.

Submitted: July 07, 2011

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Submitted: July 07, 2011



A day like any other. I, was two. And where am I? Some day care place. Drooling toddlers, finger paints all over, wooden blocks laying all askew. Crying babies, friends forming, my day was splendid. No one is quiet! Teachers teachering, children fighting, crashing, fussing, tossing, turning, mary-go-rounds, chants! This is where I go. This is where my mom sends me every day.

In my play-group is this boy. The teacher calls him Evan, I call him, 'That Boy'. That boy is about my size, maybe I am taller. Yep, I'm taller. He's got pale skin, not like ine, and bright, rosey cheeks. Light brown hair, and really pretty eyes; no, I haven't gotten close enough to see what color, he has cooties! Ew. He wore a red Hot Wheels shirt, and these beige shorts, as well as Buzz Lightyear light up shoes. They were so cool!

Well, one day, we went to play outside on the playground. A wooden playset--with a slide and everything! That's right, a sand box! So, I was playing with my favorite teddy bear, Mr. Quuggsly, and that boy, Evan, took him from me! I was mad. I got up, brushed off my cute little dress and chased him around the playground! Yelling at him to give it back, kicking sand castles, pushing people out of the way; I was making people cry and I didn't care!

At last! I got him! I cornered him on the Four Square coart! I asked him to give it back one last time, and you know what he said? ! NO!  That boy said no! So what did I do? I leaned in and bit his chest! That's right, I did it! I guess it hurt or something because he began to cry. He instantly dropped my teddy and ran away crying. Oh well. I picked up my teddy, Mr. Quuggsly, and cuddled him happily, my day was incredibly perfect again, and I didn't see that big baby again that day.

That night, I got a stern talking from that boys mom, who came to my house! I didn't invite her and my mom always said that I have to invite people or else it's not polite! But this lady didn't care! She's just like that boy! During this talking, I didn't listen to her, Why? Me and Evan were playing blocks; spelling out random, crazy words. His mom still freaked out and thought we shouldn't be friends, but me and Evan already hugged made our secret promises and hand shakes, so she just had to deal! We weren't just friends, we were best friends, and we were gonna stay that way 'till the end of time!

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