I know When...

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Dreams, School, Hurt...

Submitted: January 08, 2011

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Submitted: January 08, 2011



I Know When..


? ?

Iknow when my day is off..

Something will be wrong..

My life would be switched around..

Nothings right...


Iknow when my heart is broken..

It would feel like someone stabbed it..

Ten times..

With a silver dagger.

Then jerked it out of my chest,

And tore it into pieces,

The sprinkled it onto their ice cream...


Iknow when I have moved on from you.

All my dreams that had you in them,

WIll become filled with someone else..

When you're missing from school,

Iwon't worry about you as much,

And all Iwill think is..

"Iwonder where he is..?"


Vous savez quand ...

Tu m'aimes,

Et quand tu as pris mon coeur avec vous,

Lorsque vous avez quitté ...

Et quelqu'un a trouvé d'autre..


: : Last Stanza ::

You know when...

You love me,

And when you took my heart with you,

When you left...

And found someone else...

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