In The Devils' Highway

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Alright, so I read this book in school called, "In The Devils Highway," written by Louis Urrea. It was a book that takes place in the deserts of Arizona and is about some people crossing the border illegally. So for my project, I wrote three poems about the events that were going on. I hope you enjoy.

Submitted: July 14, 2012

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Submitted: July 14, 2012



Esto Ya No Es Mi Casa.

1. I worked every day,
2. From dawn until dusk,
3. I tried to support my loved ones.

4. Esta es mi casa.

5. I arrive to a crumbling house,
6. My wife smiles,
7. My children laugh and play.

8. Esta es mi casa.

9. My pay was cut by half
10. What will I do now?
11. How will we survive?

12. ¿Esta es mi casa?

13. My people rebel!
14. Many an eye of the government roll,
15. They don’t care.

16. ¿Es realmente mi casa?

17. My wife cries out for prayers
18. My children are malnourished
19. I need an answer…

20. ¿Es realmente mi  casa?

21. I told my wife, “let’s leave.”
22. We packed ,
23. We left our home.
24. Debo ir desde mi casa…

25. We left Chiapas,
26. We made it to Veracruz.
27. We boarded a grungy white van.
28. Then drove far off into the golden horizon.

29. Esto ya no es mi casa…

Translations For Lines.

Line (s) 4, 8, and 12: Esta es mi casa
-Translation: This is my home.

Line(s) 16 and 12: ¿Es realmente mi casa?
-Translation: Is this really my home?

Line 24: Debo ir desde mi casa…
-Translation: I must go from my home. 

Line 29 and the title: Esto ya no es mi casa…
-Translation: This is no longer my home…


A Journey to a Betrayal.

We boarded a van,
A small white van
In the beginning of June.

Money, three grand.
I paid.

We were so joyous,
It would be nothing short of home.
All desert is the same.

We were wrong.
Unloaded, deserted.

Mendez was his name,
As conniving as a snake,
“We will be there soon,” He spoke.
We listened.

More money,
I paid it.

The days grew endless.
The sun burned us with her rays.
The sand screeched her vicious cries.

The days welded together.
One day, it rained,
Many cried to the Heavens,
Cursing the rain for drenching them.
They didn’t know they needed the water.

Days passed,
Many, and myself were sick.
We were moving in circles,
But we didn’t know it.

This was not what I had paid for.
I paid for an easy trip to a new life.
Not this.
Never this.

The day Mendez betrayed us,
A day I will never forget.

We stopped by a few scraggly trees.
He wanted more money,
I was broke.

“Give me all you have, I will find water.”
He promised.
We listened.

I gave it all, any money I had left.
He, with his friend, started walking.
They walked into the horizon.

Dehydrated, deserted,

We waited for days,
We would die if we waited  here any longer.

We walked.
People died.
Why did he not suffer?

Some curse the rain,
Others the sun,
I curse Mendez.


Where Will I End Up?

1. Who are you?
2. I don’t remember…
3. How many were with you?
4. I can’t say…
5. It was so hot…
6. Who said you could be here?
7. A man…
8. Don… something.

9. Vas a la cárcel!
10. Wait you sound like me,
11. Why aren’t you defending me?
12. Why did you come here?
13. I was just trying to save my love,
14. My bride…

15. ¿Que está tú amo?
16. I think it’s Julian Ambros Malaga.
17. Vas a la cárcel Malaga!
18. All I did was walk here!

19. Who brought you here?
20. He was…
21. I don’t know who…
22. What did he look like?
23. Is he here?
24. Yes,
25. That’s him.
26. In the corner with the dark,
27. Cactus-like hair.
28. Rooster Boy.
29. Gracias.
30. Muy pronto será hogar,
31. Yo espero…

Translations for Lines:

Line(s) 9 and 17: Vas a la cárcel
-Translation: you’re going to prison.

Line 15: ¿Que está tú amo?
-Translation: what is your name?

Line 29: Gracias.
-Translation: Thank you.

Line(s) 30 and 31: Muy pronto sera hogar… Yo espero.
-Translation: I will be home soon… I hope.

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