Looking Glass Wars-- Book Report.

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Submitted: July 07, 2011

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Submitted: July 07, 2011



The Looking Glass Wars


Within my amazing story there are two main characters,  Alyss Heart and Dodge Anders; the princess of Wonderland, the son of Sir Justice Anders captain of the palace guard, both in love, separated by a Pool of Tears. Alyss heart, the bubbly, energetic and beautiful girl of Wonderland, who rules the land with a small iron fist; her heart captured by the handsome Dodge Anders. Light brown flawless skin, soft pink cheeks, long dark brown and black hair that fell on her shoulders and lower back gracefully, deep brown eyes that hid all the pain she held within, a young girl four foot nine inches, a Jabberwocky tooth around her neck from the one she loves given to her on her seventh birthday.  Upon one day after being thrown through the Pool of Tears and landing in England, a man by the name of Lewis Carroll, came to interview Alyss on her story, the man appeared to believe her; when the book Alice in Wonderland came out, and told her story wrong, she was heartbroken, the story of her life she trusted so well in an old man’s hands, had been abused, leaving her hurt, with no friends, and alone. The bold and handsome Dodge Anders is a prince no princess would ever want to leave. Dodge vowed that he would one day be reunited with Alyss even if he died in the war between the White and Black imagination. Five foot, four inches, dark brown chocolate hair just about mid-neck length, beautiful sparkling blue eyes, four scars on his left cheek from the Cat, Dodge grew up defending Wonderland, keeping it safe from harm so that when his one and only true love returned, they would be able to live in peace; but things are not what they appear.

The war is the main conflict in the story, seeing as many things go wrong, Alyss’ and Dodges parents both die in the war, Alyss and Dodge are separated by an entire parallel universe, Hatter unable to find his future queen, and Redd slaughtering thousands of lives every minute—the never ending war. The crown of Alyss’ mother, the Queen of Hearts, Queen Genevieve was seen falling to the ground from the other side of the looking glass, King Nolan of Hearts slaughtered by the Cat, the battle of the White and Black imagination was growing. A cute white kitten that Alyss found wondering around the palace on her birthday, when she turned her back on him, he grew to be a six foot tall, Cat-like human man, with claws eight inches in length, a black trench coat, and the stain of the blood of innocent by standards on his fur and sleeves send to kill Alyss and her family; however Dodge’s Father got in the way distracting the Cat from his goals, with one swift move, Sir Justice Anders was dead, as well as the King and Queen and King Nolan of Wonderland. Card soldiers raided villages, killing many civilians, Chess Piece Soldiers, and anyone who speaks out against Black imagination; this is much like what the Nazi’s did to the Germans, and many other people of other nations during World War II. Not only was there a war in Wonderland, but there was the Civil War in the United State, as well as the British Empire conquering places all over the world. All the world has broken into chaos, will it ever end? Only reading the book will tell.



Book title: The Looking Glass Wars.

Author:  Frank Beddor.

Publisher: The Penguin Group.

Copyright date: 2006.

© Copyright 2017 XxLoveXHateXMexX. All rights reserved.

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