Should I Stay? Do I Dare?

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A drabble for Tumblr.

Submitted: November 10, 2016

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Submitted: November 10, 2016



Wendy sat in her room one lovely, clear night. Her bright blue eyes stared out her window as she sat poised on her window seat in her favourite nightgown.   Her white framed windows were wide open, overlooking the London skyline at night— admiring the gold specks that were lights from street posts and house windows. The day she had just had seemed to prove rather interesting to the young Darling.  A day running around with Peter Pan! Telling stories, bonding their friendship even tighter and creating timeless memories. She tilted her head slightly to the right while her brown hair gently flowed down her shoulder. 

“Hey Wendy?” Peter asked, as they relaxed in the grass of Neverland together previously that day.

“Yes.. Peter…?” the little Darling questioned quietly. “What is it..?”

“Have you ever thought about staying here…?”

Wendy tilted her head slightly, “I am confused by your question, Peter… What do you mean?” She watched her friend think for a second as he thought about his question in detail. After a moment of silence had passed, he opened his mouth once again.

“I mean, have you ever thought about staying in the Neverland, with me?”

Wendy stiffened in her seat. Quickly, she looked down at her lap, fidgeting with her blue dress carefully. “Peter I—“


“I just do not know if that is a good idea… If I stay here, Papa would—“ I do not want to think about what Papa would do.. The brunette added mentally, thinking about the violent fits of rage that her father would have on occasion. If she were to suddenly leave and never return, she could only imagine what he would do, let alone, how he would react to Michael and John. “Papa would never allow it…”

“But if you stayed here, you could tell all of the stories you want. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

“More than words could ever hope to express.” She smiled hopefully, looking at her dear friend with her usual warm smile.

“Then stay!”

“I cannot…”


“Peter I… I need some time to think about this… Surely you understand… Don’t you?” Silence settled between them again before she heard Peter speak quietly.

“Yeah… Yeah I do.”

That was the end of that conversation for the rest of their time together. Wendy slowly lowered her eyes from the bright star in the distance, looking down at her lap.  That small bit of dialogue was not something that Wendy had just had to think about in that moment; in fact, she had been thinking about staying with Peter in Neverland for quite some time now. If she stayed with him, it meant never growing up. If she stayed with him, it meant endless adventures with her close friend, and if she stayed with him… It meant possibly becoming something more than just a hidden crush deep within her heart.

Wendy placed her hand down on the bench and pushed off of it, freeing herself from her seated position. In the moonlight of her room the brunette began to pace around her room, speaking to herself quietly.  From one end of her room to the other, Wendy’s pale, bare feet shuffled along the carpet.

“Do I follow where he goes..?” she wondered, thinking about Neverland and the adventures she has had there. “Do I join my friend in such a place that is ever so different from my own?” across the room she went again, waving her finger through the air absentmindedly as she spoke aloud to herself.  “Every night we are worlds away, but yet at the same time, when we are together, it is like our worlds begin a new…” Wendy stopped her pacing, turning her head, the second star to the right twinkled in her bright blue eyes.

“I know he only sees me as a friend… but still, a close friend is better than having no one at all… What a life I might have known, regardless of whether I am here or there…  ” she stopped her quiet whispering as she could hear her father’s angry voice from downstairs. She winced at his tone, clasping her hands onto her nightgown as fear filled her. She walked towards the door but stopped herself,

“Do I stay..?” she turned back to the night sky perfectly framed in her window, “Or do I dare..?”   Slowly she walked back to her previous seat pondering her two choices. Wendy rested her arms against the windowsill, folding her legs delicately under her. “If I stay, that means growing up, and only holding onto the few stories that of which I have gained for so many years now… But if I dare, then I only get closer to Peter, I gain so many more stories… and I do not ever have to grow up… Either way, what about Michael and John..?”

The eldest Darling child let out a yawn, resting her head on her arms. “What am I to do…?” Slowly she closed her eyes, drifting to sleep in the silence of her own room. All she wanted was to be happy. Was she to stay with her family whom she loved dearly, or go with her secret love and close friend, and live a life of stories and adventures all while never growing up? So many questions, and so little time to make up a decision. For now, Wendy vowed to keep her situation the same until she was fully ready to give Peter a gratifying answer as to if she would stay with him or not.

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