The Inglorious Bastard of Time

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Just. Time.

Submitted: June 24, 2011

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Submitted: June 24, 2011




What a stupid son of a bitch it is. Damn.

You can have a friend for ages right? Or at least two years; given such a short time, you guys barely talk. And to think; once upon a time, you were in love.

In the morning it can be sunny, given time it will be raining. The sky will be crying, a heart will be broken, and scream will be released with no one to hear it.

With time you can get a promotion at work; given time, you can be fired.

You can get a friend, get close, fall in love, share memories, and within give it a month after you are in love; you get stood up. Hurts huh?

Well that’s what time does for you.


The day the Earth stands still, is the day you will be in my arms, we will be in your bed, our clothes will be off. and our moans will be heard.

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