Three Seconds- Book Report.

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A book I read, and my review of it.

Submitted: July 07, 2011

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Submitted: July 07, 2011



Three Seconds.


Three Seconds is a book that has no true, plot but will pull you in; seeing as the story starts right from the first sentence of the book assaulting the reader quickly, with drama and authenticity.  The novel is a bleak crime drama, a conspiracy, and a detective story.  Much like the wonderful stories that we all love, also known as, “Sherlock Holmes,” the novel is filled with a bunch of complex, intertwining puzzles, will startle, confuse, and amaze many.

The author, or should I say authors, Anders Roslund and Borge Hellstrom, worked hard to put this story together, and eventually came along a novel with outstanding and solid characterization, rapid action, and refined writing.

Piet Hoffman lives like every normal person, he has a wife and two little boys that he adores more than life, a disappointing thing however, is that his work takes him away from home often.  Hoffman is an informant for the Swedish Police, he has spent years working on trying to infiltrate a member of the Polish Mafia who is bent on drug over dose in Swedish jails.  Finally Hoffman gains the respected trust of a business man from around town, and together they face the feisty Polish mob, during this confusion a murder was played in the card game, Hoffman saw it go into action.  His handler, also known as a boss to Americans, didn’t like the fact that Hoffman had no hard facts, and told him to work on the case himself.Meanwhile Detective Superintendent Ewert Grens is investigating the murder of, “Drug-Deal-Gone-Bad,” he slowly gets so caught up in the investigation that he loses himself. 

If you, my dear reader, do not like to be enchanted by puzzles only to find the answer hidden within the pages of a fantastic novel, then put this review down, and go back to reading your useless comic book novels, and novels about the nature around us.  Meanwhile, if you enjoy being humored, and challenged, then I challenge you to go a find this novel in your town bookstore, and join the millions that have read Three Seconds.  Three Seconds is written in short scenes which this writer can tell you, it takes some getting used to, but watch out and never let your guard down; the pace in the novel is electric!

Three Seconds is available at for $14.21 hardcover, and $10.21 paperback, prices may change.

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