Shaking off the dust.

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just trying to get in the swing of things i suppose.....

Submitted: March 28, 2009

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Submitted: March 28, 2009



Shaking Off The Dust....

Well, I have a story of what what the title shown above ^^^^^ means... I used to go on booksie before this with four friends, Ant(anthony), Dave(son of the sex pistols), Mario(i have no idea what he's was), and Chris(something about fonzi from happy days). We were on through out the entire summer and we made some good stuff, Ant did the best though, as always haha. Then there was this whole "confrontation" with some other girls that led to me, Dave, Chris, and Mario leaving.. Funny thing is i didnt leave i actually may have been the first person to be banned from a website that lets you speak freely about what ever you want hahaha.. All i remember was a guy who kept making fun of God and bad-mouthed other users and i made a poem.... with many... amusing pictures of him and the devil.. next I know im banned.. in the end Ant left for the summer and were coming back but i had to make a new account obviously.. this time i believe its just him and me though, but thats okay we were always the funner two out of the four ^.^ !! I have concieved an extremely terrible illness called "writters block" and I have been having the worst time getting rid of it... I had some good articles and some decent poems on the old one. Thats about it though i can't wait to meet some cool people on Booksie so be sure to fan me! and give me any ideas for a poem or story and ill do my best!!!
BE SURE TO FAN ANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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