Without Laws; For The Minorities.

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Just an assignment my Civics teacher gave us for Law Day... It sucks. -,-

Submitted: March 06, 2012

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Submitted: March 06, 2012




Laws keep us grounded, and to keep citizens secured and protected from harm that may transpire. If the Bill Of Rights were never passed; or any law for that matter, poverty, slavery, and crime would still be tolerated and be a bigger issue in the United States. "The Land Of The Free" would be "The Land Of The Reckless". America wouldn't have survived and be such a successful nation, as it is today. Who knows what would have happened without the laws we have in this day of age, and we should be grateful for them instead of not abiding them.

Poverty is something that is bothering the U.S. every day, even at this every moment. Laws help defeat poverty and the poor, and try to make non-existent, but what if we didn't have those laws that helped America do that? Poverty would also be a greater issue to deal with if we didn't have laws, women would not get paid as much as men did, and other races would be turned down of even getting a job because of their ethnicity and or color.

Slavery would haven't of been abolished, and most likely would not have of been fought for. Most of America's citizens would have slaves and wouldn't have seen wrong in it. Not only that, but it would have also spread to other newly found nations; America was, and still is, a country many look up to because of how we started new land in a place no one knew about, thus making slavery widely accepted. We would have also spread to enslaving other races like Hispanics, and Native Americans; who already once were slaves to Americans. It would have drifted into the 1900s up to the 21?st century.

It's needless to say that crime would also be a factor of America's demise without laws. As I said before, laws keep us grounded and protected from harm, without them, we would pay the price of not having them in countless murders, work and objects stolen and not to mention how many people would be drinking or smoking illegal substances at a young age.

Imagine America like this... Imagine the world like this. I would not like to live in that kind of place, I don't think you would either, we should be grateful for the existence of laws that keep us away from these dreadful things.


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Without Laws; For The Minorities.

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