*Dear Lucifer,*

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"All these battle scars I've gained, are NOTHING compared to the knowledge I've obtained,"~Anonymous

Submitted: December 28, 2011

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Submitted: December 28, 2011



These rainy days return,

that's just the story of my life,

if I can make it thru this storm,

then everything'll be alright.

I'm tattered and I'm torn,

broken down to bits and pieces,

your memory never faded,

and sometimes it leaves me speechless.


If YOU couldn't kill me,

I must be fuckin' indestructible.

Did you hear I'm living with my family now?

Yea, life is finally lookin' comfortable.



I wonder if you hear me scream,

while you toss and turn in bed.

I wonder if you're losing sleep,

from all the nasty shit you said.


I wonder how it feels,

to lose the only one who loved you.

Left your life in shambles huh?

Yea, that's what the fuckin' drugs'll do.

I'm not contradicting, I admit,

I lost myself too.

It's not about how hard you're hit,

it's the ability to come to.


Wake up in the pouring rain,

and know one day the sun will shine.

If I stayed focused on my pain man,

I'd fuckin' lose my mind.


Maybe I'm just a passing thought,

you've forgotten over time.

Just an "awful rotten bitch,"

those are your words not mine.


I STILL find it hard to trust,

let's be real I still find it hard to feel.

You might be just a nightmare but to me,

you're all too real.


Maybe now you make a fist,

and remember all my scars.

Maybe you write about me,

from behind some metal bars.

'Cause that's where you were headed,

flippin' coke and liftin' cars.

I'm trying to look ahead,

but I keep gazing at the stars.


My head's swirling in 'what ifs',

I'll never know the answer for.

What if you never laid a hand?

What if you kissed and hugged me more?

What if you could understand,

slam a window it won't open doors?

What if we were normal holding hands,

instead of making plans to run from stores?

What if you read these words and it shakes you to your core?


Maybe when I left you,

my life was still a mess,

but I found the straight and narrow,

that relieved me from your stress.

Maybe now the thought of you,

is leaving me perplexed,

but I'll bet that over time,

you'll cross my mind less and less.


These droplets falling from the sky,

are gonna wash away your memory.

The lightning opens up my eyes,

and I can see who you pretend to be.

The thunder rolling through my mind,

lets me know the tears have mended me.

So just in case you don't remember me...


This is Emily.

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